Looking for suggestions and/or input

All heroes are avilable for use in battle. Be cautious using lightly-trained heroes, though, as they will be weak. Look at the stats—the hero power gives a mildly useful summary of the overall power, but use your judgment.


Got it… so basically just play around while gradually upgrading, feeding, building etc
I guess that makes sense … I mean what’s the point of having different heroes if you’re not familiar with what they can do :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hahahaha I’ve noticed … but more in terms of ‘this one keeps dying in battle’ :laughing:

They die, but always a new recruit.

Have you read the e&p wiki?

Two things about farming: you can hold down a finger on any hero/monster to see what all they are about and for explanation of any symbols; learn to aim as the heroes just fore random like a splash hitter might aim itself at a lone monster on the wing.

Here is a link to lots of good, helpful information



And here is a link to many teaching alliances. Feel free to check out several until you find the right fit.



Thanks so much. You’ve been very helpful (and friendly!) I hope something really good happens to you today !

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You joining MJB would be a good thing. :wink:

Is that your alliance?

That’s our training alliance, Magnificent Jr Bastards

We’re full at the moment, but if you’re interested, Ill message you as soon as a spot opens up

FWIW, I asked staff about the use of these links-as-signatures and the ruling was that they are spam. So please dont use them.

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We can’t grant @MrMeeseeks an exception for being the first to have the audacity to try it? No? Never mind.


I’m a fairly new player too (52 days in). I figured it’s never to early to start collecting emblems, so focused on making sure I have a team for every trail. I’ve been able to get through the first 2 levels of everyone except Fortitude so far with team powers between 1600-2100. This has a side benefit of developing a deep roster that will help with wars and give you a diverse pool of heroes to choose from for all scenarios. P.S. I’m F2P so my hero pool is nothing like as impressive as yours.


Great planning. Emblems are so new most seasoned players arent thinking as strategically as you are.


Thanks Kerridoc. When Strength came I breezed through the first two levels because I have plenty of fighters then Fortitude came and I had Kaliana at 2/11 and that was it and realized if I was going to take part in the trails it would take some planning and preparation.

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I think you might want to open a line acct. Most alliances of the sort you want communicate using that app.

Also, it opens a wealth off info available in chat rooms there. Much strategic thinking.

Ask for line ID if you meet someone here who you think can help you.

I would skip the Alliance Recruitment chat room altogether and go alliance hunting here on the forums or on the E&P Reddit.

Have to take exception with @Kerridoc on part of his reply. He is so right about alliance chat; however, the rest of the places like here, reddit, etc, are just as bad.

Take a “travel year”. When chests have been opened, go solo. Only downside is titan chest will treat you like a merc. Upside is finding a long-term home where you can grow.

You go to the search function in alliance looking for mostly full open alliances. Write down the names. Now go join one.

You can look at their chat log to see if they talk, how many are active, most important is is the leader alive. See if they respond to your hello.

Do several meet and greets. You will find a home

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Just wanted to pop in and thank you again! I’ve been chipping away at my 3*s and building my base like you suggested and I’ve already ascended Bane and Berden :slight_smile:
Should I just keep leveling and ascending my 3s?

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