Looking for specific player named JHerm

Why can’t I search by player names for recruiting? It would be easier to be able to find good players if I can just send them an invite in the game. The global chat is horrible, offensive and USELESS!

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Hey JHerm, if you are reading this, look up HellringerJuggernaut!

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Hi, @RestingBeachFace, welcome back to the Forum!

There’s a large thread for discussing and supporting that idea: Private Messages & Friends Lists - Please add your comments & ideas here!

The devs have said previously that it’s something they’re interested in, but not currently working on:

There isn’t any Forum user with that username. Sometimes people use different names on the Forum and in-game, and lots of people read the Forum but don’t have accounts.

So it’s possible they might read the Forum, but I wasn’t able to find anyone for you who’s likely that person, unfortunately.

JHerm, come find us at HellringerJuggernaut! We have several open slots! But quite a few old Gravediggers came with us!

Still trying to find him!!! My last recruiting post was a plea for him and Aguila. So sad Aguila hasn’t been able to recover his account. BTW, @RestingBeachFace is the best leader, even though she says I pull the puppet strings. :rofl::rofl:


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