Looking for some team advice

Hi, I am semi new to this game and have not figured out all of the best ways to put teams together. Here are my heros, ignore the puny green guys at the end.

Team 1 is my main team currently and team 4 is my defensive team. Is there anything you would change there and/or are there any other heros I should focus on leveling. I have been kind of spreading it around.

Thank you in advance!

My suggestion, prioritize Boldtusk over Natalya. It’ll take you a while to collect all of the ascension items to get Natalya to full power. I’d much rather have Boldtusk 4-70 than Natalya 3-70.

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I’d even say Boldtusk then work Falcon.

Congrats! You have a spectacular roster of heroes. You need to focus on leveling them up.

I’m not sure where you are in base development, but please work to getting your three training camps to level 11. Grind out feeder heroes there, flipping one to 2 when you have a stack of backpacks to use up.

Stop working on Natalya and any other 5* you may get. They’re great to have, but first build your 4* team.

With your current cards, I’d focus on: Boldtusk, Tibertus, Boril, Caedmon and Joon. Yeah, I know, I just told you to ignore 5*, but Joon is so much better than Hu Tao. After you get those cards ascended (Joon to 3/70], then reevaluate.

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Hi guys!
Sorry for not making a topic for my own question, but I found this one pretty fitting. I’m relatively new to the game (1.5-2 months), my current setup is this:
purple: Quintus
blue: Sonya
yellow: Wu Kong
green: Berden
red: Hawkmoon
So my question is this: What shall I put my next 300 gems in? Try to get a better green, or a better red? A better green would be nicer, because my red is my healer, and i want a healer in the team if its possible, but if I’m not mistaken there are better heroes among the reds (4-5*) and correct me if I’m wrong but there are fewer red 3* heroes than green, so bigger chance for a 4 or 5*(?). I’m also looking for a tank into the middle position, because Quintus has pretty low defense compared to a 5* so Sonya is there right now, but i don’t see her shining in the tank role. So what do you think, red or green?

Red. 20 characters needed

Thanks guys. I will focus on Boldtusk and try to get him up there. I do agree 5* take a while to move up.

My purple hero’s just imporved on a couple pulls from summons. I now have Obakan, Rigard, Tiburtus. I kept Prisca as a 3*.

Nice. I would continue to focus your purple feeders on Tibertus, then work on Rigard. Rigard is very good, but you’ve got another quality healer in Melendor, but Tibertus is your only armor debuff hero. Only after these guys are done, or stuck waiting for trap tools, would I work on Obakan.

Hold onto Prisca, but I doubt you will need to be sending any feeders her way for a while.

If you post your roster, it would be easier to help you. Assuming you have no other healer, I’d suggest purple or green so you can replace Hawkmoon, then red.

Here is my updated roster.