Looking for some Merger options - Sherwood Rangers

Sherwood Rangers is a very old alliance that has recently has seen many of its players move on. A few weeks ago it was a full alliance killing 13-14* titans and 800 ranked in the alliance quest, then a subset of the players wanted to make a more relaxed alliance and in sort of a cascading effect there was a mass exodus.

Currently at 19/30 active players. We don’t miss war flags but are pretty laid back beyond that. Hit the titan kind of thing but don’t currently chase people down if they miss a few.

It is part of a family (SWR), but does not have to stay that way if it doesn’t work for a merger. We have players ranging from 93rd level on down, smallest we just took in at 39. We do not have to stay together, but would prefer a solution that works for all the players and doesn’t split us up too much. Some of us can also go to other alliances in the family if that works better for a merger.

Everything from who goes to what alliance, leadership, and requirements can be on the table for discussion.

Can respond here, or I can be reached directly on LINE id emz19, or discord rodek#6114

Hey…we are having very similar issues with our alliance. (Technicolor Minds) We have 7 or 8 main active players, 3 or so in and out, and 3 members who haven’t been active for awhile. Struggling just to take down a 9* titan. A merger sounds interesting. Check us out and let us know.

Hello Sherwood rangers and Technicolor minds it looks like we’re on the same wavelength! Come check us out, Drunken Warriors currently has 14 spots open. We’re looking for regular players to join our ranks. We’re a casual international bunch, most of us have been playing together for years and we’re hoping to grow so we can hit stronger titans once again and play alliance quests properly. We’re not overly chatty, yet any questions you may have are answered.
It’s ok if you miss a titan, or go on holidays, yet communication is key.
6-8 star titans atm
400 trophy thingies required, but that can be discussed. Enthusiasm is worth more than trophies.
Participation in war is optional, but if you participate then use all flags.

My Line ID is rakkhar in case you prefer to chat more privately.

Equator family of 5 alliances .
Hit that link and we can talk about a merger

Technicolor or warriors- are either if you willing to come to join rangers as a group? Or were you really wanting the other way around?

Looking for you to join us. We are a family of 5 alliances . Hit that link i sent and it will take you to our welcome channel where we can chat . When you do we will open up some of our other channels so you can see our playong style
Also we have an extensive library on there full of game tips and information you can keep and use rather you join us or not.
At least come for a visit its free and you have nothing to lose

Just to update here - we did look at a few options but they fell through, so we are still looking for a group to merge with. We have 18 or 19 active members (1 can go to another sister alliance if needed)

Reno1 - thanks for the offer to look at the equator alliances but the group has moved more towards the preference of staying together and trying to get a group to join us instead. We felt even staying together looked tough with what we could see in the alliance search for equator.

I understand. Thanks for looking though. And our library offer still stands. no obligation. Just ask to become a knowledge seeker on our welcome channel.

Anyone else looking for a merger?

I’ve only got room for 7 players which I don’t think is compatible with the size of your group, but good luck with finding the right merger! Looks like there are a lot of alliances right now losing people left and right and trying to fill their numbers back up.

Hello, DegensAllStars has room for you to come over if you want to check us out. We are a core group of players on both E&P and Puzzle Combat

Hi! U still looking or u at a good state now? Have some option for u if you’re still looking. Thanks.

Would you be interested moving into Family of Alliances? I have another team looking for a landing spot.

We are still looking. Have talked to several groups about coming to us, but it has not worked out yet so I’m open to new ideas.

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By this, do you mean we join a new family but people come to us? That could work if so. Hit me on line or discord if you can emz19 is my line Id, Rodek#6114 discord

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I tried sending message but your only accepting messages from friends on Discord. Sent friend request.

Pat B! (Insurrectionists)#3255

Please check Line. I have an offer waiting. Thank you.