Looking for some good alliance

We have both competitive and casual crews

If you want 100% daily activity, we have 5 Crews of that

If you want less than that, we have that too

If you have Line, line me. Id: jrigs

If not, then tag me and I’ll answer anything you wanna know. More info in this link as well:


Hey @subusubu, Please check out The Annual Purge, we are Super fun, sometimes crazy, but highly competitive alliance looking for dedicated daily players with winning on their mind! We laugh, support, encourage and we always play for a win! Everyone loves our leader Queen, one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet! Could this be something that interests you? Currently fighting 2nd 11* Titan but happy taking down 10*. We are an all English speaking alliance and have players all over the world from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, India, Trinidad, UK and Europe. So if your still enthusiastic about wanting that win, use all your Titan and all 6 war flags, have 3600 TP & 1600 cups minimum along with WhatsApp for communication why not come over to The Annual Purge would love to hear from you!

Hi @subusubu Acme Inc is currently seeking active members. We are laid back and rely on communication we are a 95k team and continue to grow. Look us up we would be happy to have you we understand work, life and game balance.

@subusubu. when you get a chance give us a look

we are organized and friendly.

Rhapsody of Destruction

hitting 9-10* titans

All we ask…

If opted in for war use all flags

smash the titan regularly

minimum 2000 trophies

you can hit me on Line: humongous_dancer

Hello @subusubu

I think you’ll be a good fit for us @ ‘Genesis Uprising’

We are group of daily active players, killing 9-10 star Titans and rarely have any flags left after war

Come join us :beers:

The eye of Sauron nz is recruiting. Kiwi alliance with some international flair. You’d be more than welcome

@subusubu, hello BadgersBastards is a young alliance that is still learning the game. We all work together to help each other to grow and become better at the game. We are hoping you will come and check us out. We are capable of taking out four star titans. Not enough members to take out a five star but we are very close and still growing.

Hey, subusubu -

We have 1 spot available at US Warriors if you’re interested. 9*-10* titans. Last war we had 98.8% flag usage. We have a number of global players, too - so we’re not just US-based despite the name. Check us out and let me know if you have any questions. Our recruiting page is here if you want to take a look:

In case you are still looking, we have some spots available in an allaince that focuses on we not me. wars, titans are always full active or persons not attending are opted out, 15 months plus for most members. lot of good options out here but we decided to take our time forming a group of the right people for the long haul not the ones who disappear when before the sunrises. since forming our own alliance our total war score is 10 and 1. thank you for your tine.

Check out Guardians Reborn. Currently killing 13* titans.


Hi @subusubu,

If you are interested, we have 1 place open in our alliance Sixth Element… We are fun group hitting 9 star titans. We follow a simple war strategy which has been quite successful. Check us out if you like. :slight_smile:

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Check us out at The Marley Army…we would be glad to have you!

Hey @subusubu

Please check ‘Genesis Uprising’, you might find us exactly what you need to

Come to Chaotic Outlaws. We have a few spots open and are currently hitting 10*/11* but 11*/12* when full. Come grow with us. All flags used in war and everyone is active daily. Line id: Zenya69

Hi @subusubu if you are still in the market for a new alliance we at the SIXTH ELEMENT have an opening. We are currently hitting 9* titans and are celebrating 5 alliance war wins in a row.

Titan Marauders is a great place for you to call home! We have cake and cheese! <3

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