Looking for some advice

I have been leveling 1 of each color at a time until at least 60 and then some to max if I have the Mat’s

I just want to get some opinions on if I may have skipped over the wrong hero possibly as I have a bunch of untouched heros.

This is as of today. I am currently taking Obakan, Kiril, Gretal, and Colen to 60. Mel is going to 70.

Just got Joons last dart this morning and fed him the trainers I kept from the event. That put a nice dent into going to 80.

Thanks for taking a look.

well your colen is almost 60 so take him there but i’d ascend every other red before him.

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boy his special is not being nice either. Stuck at 5.

Falcon is on his way to 70 when Colen is done. Already started a bit with trainers since his special is maxed.

When Dante said every other red, I would stop and assess how my resources stand. G falcon is an immediate upgrade.

Also, while a second healer in Mel is ok, you are missing Kiril who adds buffs which are very important.

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Yeah I left Kiril behind for too long. He is currently going to 60. He was at 3-21 forever. Now that I got Isarnia to 70 (as far as I could go currently) I have started on my first copy.

I do it all by colors and what Mats I have at the time I am leveling who. Hoping to get a nice balance going eventually. I have been keeping track of my progress the last couple months and it seems to be pretty steady. Been a farming machine!

When I get some gloves I will reassess who I have ready to go and choose.

Gloves are the worst Mat for me while others don’t have that problem.

You have seen $2 gem offer with gloves?

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Hansel and Hisan are worth leveling too.


Nice progress and you are on the right track.

I had a serious problem with gloves too. Not too bad right now but I can now go a month without getting gloves and will still have things to work on.

What titans are you fighting now and what raid arena are you in?

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Just saw it this morning. I am in Portugal and was in bed when it came out but I got it this morning.

So that is 1 pair haha.

I am in Platinum raid tier, can’t seem to get over the hump. When I am close and I go to bed I always wake up down about 100 cups. Not a big deal but it does mean my team I use (mainly Joon Grimm Rigard Wu Caed) isn’t quite there yet.

My alliance is pretty casual but most participate. Gotta get the final spots steady. We just beat our first 7* and pretty much kill every 6* that comes along.

Wish I had Hansel, got his sister instead.

I like Hisan and will probably level 1 of the 3 I have. The yellow Arman seems kind of useless to me but he is cool to look at. haha

Once you get around 3 or 4 rainbow 4’s to 70, you’ll be able to raid above 2400 consistently. Or you could go purple tank hunting with your line up. :slight_smile:

I do hope you are getting the mats you need from those 6* and 7*. I got crap from those titans.

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I am getting there slowly but that is ok.

Mat’s haven’t been a huge problem. Yeah sometimes I have to wait for a cape or shield but trap tools and orbs are plenty so there is usually an option. Now gloves and hiddens blades are a whole different story. I have enough h Blades, capes, orbs now to ascend 1 of each but no gloves. I have a lot to work on so I am not too worried now. It isn’t like I am stuck waiting. Yet anyways…

I am kind of in the middle of F2P and P2P so I get a lot of these cheap offers with gems and mats when I can afford it.

It generally takes a 3.500+ strength team to get over the hump to diamond, I wager.

I’m now dropping in and out of diamond with a 3.700 strength team, that’s 3 maxed 4 stars and 2 maxed 5 stars.

I’ve woken up to over 150 cups down mornings since I’ve entered the diamond arena. It’s a heavily contested place.

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I have days where I wake up to 200 cup losses now so I would assume it would be more. Raiding is fun and I like the practice. Cups don’t you you much other than bragging rights.

I am just having fun playing the game and growing my team now. It still keeps my interest.

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