Looking for small alliances to merge with us

Any small alliances of 2-4 players looking to merge with a laid-back play at your own pace alliance? Level 70 leader looking for new to mid-range players to bump up Titan drops, alliance quests, etc. Perfect for casual players not active everyday.

I have a small 10 member Alliance the core members have been together for 5 years. We would love to join forces with another smalle alliance. We hit the Titans as hard as possible and actively participate in all wars or we opt out. Definitely need to expand our team so we can take down larger Titans and score better in Alliance driven quests. Fight Club2 is the Alliance check it out if your interested.

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BigE. I’ll hijack this post sorry, we can take 10. Sounds like a good fit. Let’s discuss! (We are Vikings on Shrooms)

Line: Hedon

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And one for OP. We are considering a merger but most are daily players in the alliance currently so may not be the casual level you are looking for? Happy to explore

Line: Hedon

Might want to check out Ithilien Alliance. Our stories are kind of similar. Perhaps something good might come from this.

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Whats the name of your Alliance Ian487?

Would love to look at merge opps, however we can only take 12 max.

We have room if you want to come over to us - we have casual and very active players

Hey. Not sure if that was for me or the previous poster. What’s the name of your alliance?


Sorry, I meant DegenAllStars

Hedon, we are in fact daily players as well. We just trmmes the fat of all our inactive players. We are understanding of peoples personal lives we just ask that they opt out and communicate…is that where you guys are at?

Yep! That’s where we are as well!

Looking to merge a few smaller alliances and allow members to be as active or passive as they choose depending on their schedule. We have a few of us on all the time, some a couple times a day to hit Titans and war, etc. We are all from different time zones and complement each other well. Some of us are in same alliances name over on Puzzle Combat - 23 of us there

Hedon can i join with my secondary account to feel things out? That user name is Act2.0

We have room for 6 but could make room for a few more, sounds like we could match up. Bearcats is the alliance name. Give it some thought.

Sure! We’re open atm

I also have an alliance who is looking to merge with another. We are currently at 17 with some fairly consistent daily players. Would love to join forces with another laid back alliance. Titan hits are a must and war is optional. No Worries All is the name of the alliance.

My alliance is in a similar boat. Almost all our members have been in for at least 500 days and we have a pretty solid core that’s over 1000. We’re currently holding at 17 members but would like to bolster numbers and participation in titans, alliance quests and wars. We’re very chill and no pressure. Sometimes talkative, sometimes not but there’s always someone to answer any questions. Wars are optional and all that’s asked is attacks are used if you’re opted in. Our Alliance is Da Choppah. At least some daily activity is preferred for the sake of titans hits

Ian, where would you be willing to to talk war strategy? Chat might confuse people in the alliance.