Looking for Robyn's Alliance

Left the game about a year ago and I am trying to get back to her Alliance.

Any help is appreciated

Moderators- please send Redrobyn a way to invite me if she so chooses

Um… Any clue as to the name of your old alliance? :hugs:
@RedRobyn I hope you know @Arrow22 …


No clue, Robyn was the leader

Matchmaking in progress

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


try this Squirrel Squad - South African Alliance (or similar time zone)


Hey, thanks to those posters who have made an effort in directing. :wink:

The Alliance is now called South African Squirrels, so @Arrow22 you can find us by searching.
Send me a PM so I know who you were previously.


REDrobyn was not the leader, just Robyn
also MommaD was in the Alliance

This was about a year ago

I didn’t flag your reply, when an alliance is being matched with war, the game says matchmaking in progress. It’s a common saying in this game, I think you missed the pun.

sorry about that Jack

It has been a while

Game did not have the Goblin Ballon when I left

Also, the game now has some really deadly characters… Just ran into Elizabeth…
not a nice chick

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I was Arrow22 but I do not think you are the Robyn that lead the Alliance. His/Her name was just Robyn

Also MommaD was in the alliance

No probs mate, yes it’s changed a lot with some crazy new characters to fight and summon.

Best of luck

We had a Robyn with us for a few months but I’m sure there are more than one of them with that name in the game. Good luck finding them!

Gather round, all young and old
to hear a story that’s been told
about Redrobyn
and Arrow22

Arrow had stepped away
from the game, now wants to say
he just must find his old crew

Now the tale starts to turn strange
for he does not know the name
of this alliance
where he spent his time

And the forum did their best
RedRobyn was their best guess
but no,
the search was then refined

It’s robyn, Arrow stated clearly
and MommaD, I loved them dearly
oh please help me
I have to find them soon

It’s been awhile, I must admit
I’ve been gone, for I had quit
now I must ask
What’s with this Goblin Balloon


That was the COOLEST thing I have read in a LOOOONNNNGGGG time

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