Looking for player called rapscallion?

I was recently kicked from my alliance (I think by mistake) as I was always active with wars and titans and had just been promoted, the problem I have is I can’t remember the name of our alliance to contact anyone? So hoping to find them here, also why is there not a player search feature??


+1 for player search feature


Thats sad and yes, +1 for player search! If you wanna have a leader who doesnt remember things too, then join us, we´re called “the geriatric bunch”, no, not really :rofl:


Probably a rogue coleader kicking all members. Or perhaps the leader kicking everyone because he/she may be tired of managing the group.

Better suggestion: Look for a better alliance where communication is alternatively done thru Line and/or Discord. A poor alliance does not have that, unless it is a small tightknit group of families and close friends. Why try doing Line or Discord when you can call your father from the other room or thru text or simple phone call, telling them: “attack you dummy… we are losing…” :crazy_face:


Me, and i hope those who read that too, will have an eye on raid opponents, if i meet rapscallion i will tell you! Slim chance, but why not!

Rapscallion is a great player name for a roguish person within a guild that kicks active players.

We had one of those, but figured out who was doing the kicking, and got many of the players back.

Good luck finding a better alliance that is a bit better at communicating, and not kicking active useful players - we have room, but are pretty casual, you may not be.


The alliance was fine and it wasn’t rap that kicked me, I think it was a mistake

If you say so… The thing you miss here, kicking a promoted member (you said just were promoted), requires few steps to be done. No leader or co-leader can kick you by mistake. First you should be demoted. So your belief is just dust in the wind. You were kicked! Of course, only they know the reason. Or perhaps is like @Ultra pointed out, is just about a crazed co-leader. I saw a similar case last year.

Tldr, find yourself a new alliance. And memorize its name!


Now, I understand why you’ve been writing that name on global chat. I would like to congratulate you for your faithfulness!
I just checked on AR room, but I believe that it’s gonna be tough to reach back your alliance without its name.
In our alliance we use Line and Discord to keep players in touch outside the game. It would be great, if your alliance had added that strategy for your own protection.
Don’t you remember if you have any screenshots of your alliance?
Anyway, I wish you luck on your search for getting back home!

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I actually used to screenshot my alliance name and members and email them to myself. This way I can remember where I was should something untoward occur.

I’m sorry for your issue. We recently had a member accidentally leave our alliance. Took him several days to find us again. Good luck in your search.

If you cannot find them soon, feel free to hit me up here, I can provide a temporary alliance for you if you have the need.


Good thinking for sure @PapaHeavy. Screenshot’s are also great for the aging mind like mine, oh crap uh what was I doing. :rofl::pirate_flag::sunglasses:


Lol @anc1ent1, that’s exactly my problem my friend. I remember where I work, where I live and my name all without help. The rest of the crap I definitely need backup :joy:


Welcome to my world :woozy_face:


I’m kinda interested in this guys story… lost/ booted/ jilted whatever the case please up date us if you find your old alliance and let us know if they let you back in, had enough of your ■■■■ or someone fell off the deep end and derailed the whole ship in a diabolical fit of Mental Dileriem. Would help if you remembered more then one team mates name in the alliance you were dedicated too…

Still no luck finding anyone from that alliance

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