Looking for Phoenix Empire alliance - because they are awesome


Its gangpar … I smashed my phone and lost everything. Anyone know how to recover an account??? No way to contact alliance members

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@MuadDib; One of yours I thinks.

As for recovering account, if you have the same operating system, simply login to the Google Play Games/ Game Centre BEFORE downloading the game. Then it will automatically pick-up where you left off.

If you DIDN’T have it synced to Google Play Games/ Game Centre OR you have a different operating system now, you will need to download the game, create a new account and then Contact Suppport. They can restore access to your original account.

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@Guvnor Thanks!

@Gangpar See how you go with Guv’s options above. Should be able to log into google play and then download the game again.

Not to worry, message and tag me here with any updates or if there’s anything I can do.
If it takes longer than expected to recover, we will swap you with Hermes for war, then bring you right back when you can log in.

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