Looking for new players or a merge

We are a core group of advanced players moved from previous alliance wanting to have active members who hit Titans daily with at least 3 flags, and use all flags in war or opt out. Open to merge with another smaller group as we are only 7 members but are all level 49 or above with deep benches. War strategies are simple with same color tanks, and will help with war teams organization. We use Line, and Discord but all of us are on Line. Line ID Lightning.91 if youd like to discuss joining or merging options.
-1800 Cups minimum to join
-6 full war teams/opt out
-2 days with 0 on Titan equals the boot

Check us out Margarita Dome

We need 10 players and have similar requirements for wars and titans.
Come to see our Titan smash alliance.

Hey, @Bolts9191!
If you are looking to merge , check us out - Moonshine Warriors! Our group might be a great fit for you, currently we have 18 great members and looking for more active players to join us. We have simple rules that all our members can follow while having fun playing.
If you have any questions, you can find me on Line: magnifique89 .
Looking forward hearing from you! :wink:

We at Dreadlords-[Swords] are also looking to merge. Our requirements are similar to yours.

We would love to talk with you about it merger. We do not like drama, arguing, or bullying. We believe in family and having each other’s back. Look us up Outsiders Family or look for our line account

If any of you alliances are still considering going for a merger Devil Monkeys Treehouse are looking. We are mostly mid 60’s lvl with a small group in the 40’s. 10* titans no problem, we can do 11 & 12 but want to keep the newer players in the game. A number of our upper 60’s players have left to join Seven Days Unwashed or something like that. We swear a fair bit, and are all adult. Respond here and will share a Line contact or send someone fir a visit!

Check us!! We can receive you all! We need some good players and advices for wars! Also can discuss with our leader for merge…:hugs: we don’t know very well what that means​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:So we expect you!!!

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