Looking for new alliance 4th Oct 20

Hi check out ‘MOOSE WAGON’ . hope you find what you are looking for.

Killing around 9* titans,

Elite empires. Laid back crew. Great leader. No drama. 9-10* titans.

Anti-Heroes would be happy to have you.

If asking me? Just search for elite empires. Leader is Aero.

I am sure you have many choices now to look through. If you are still looking once you vett them all, might I suggest:

One caveat: We are adults, so there has been some language (ahem!), but we do try to keep it clean.

Misfit Toys hits the titan every day; if you opt in, you will hit six flags in war. That’s pretty standard for a great many alliances, and we’re no different. But our style is casual/competitive… we don’t tell you which target to hit, or set alarms for a blitz, etc. That’s too much work, and not our thing.

If this sounds good to you, contact saberofempires (Ice) or chibipotato16 (Rook) on Line. :wink::+1:


Vem pra Castelo de guerra

Translation: Come to War Castle

Same as earlier…give us a look Silent Implosion…

Misfit Toys is a big jump (12* titans), maybe try our sister alliance who are around 9* :grin:

We are laid back. 9/10* titans
Require 6 flags in war

Check out 9th legion, they are a really good alliance that is going places. If your looking for no drama, and an excellent leader and teammates, check them out.

Gloria•Mundi could be a good fit. We’re pretty easy going, don’t have any dumb requirements as long as you show up on a regular basis. We just started hitting 9* titans and there is 27 of us.

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Thanks everyone, for the suggestions. I will look into all of the alliances mentioned and likely enquire about joining a new alliance towards the end of this week.




A little late to the party but it sounds like Dark Souls might also be a good fit. We’re open, so pop in and look around if you’d like.

Best of luck.


We are recruiting also *United Force *
Its young alliance but we have few good strong players, middle ones and young ones.
We do our best in wars and titan.
Of course sometimes it happens someone to miss flags, but rl comes first.


When you’re ready, let me know & I can close this thread so it stops getting bumped/ people posting when you’ve found a new home.


I’ll add my alliance if you want to check us out.

Hello Beothrick, I’m Vanessa, one of the co leaders of “Loot Hunters”. Read your post and all the things you are looking for are located within our Alliance. We have the generic basic rules, i.e. hit Titan daily, use all war flags etc. In regards to war flags, first time they are not used we ask the player to opt out of the next 2 wars, second time flags are not used is grounds to be removed from the alliance. We have a somewhat chatty bunch with more activity during the weekends and during wars. Profanity is not used so your kids farming will not be interrupted with expletives :face_with_monocle: Our alliance is a 50/50 split of US/Euro players currently housing 24 players and killing 9/10* titans. Your addition would by welcomed and hopefully propel us to 10/11* titans. Give us a peak when you can, regards ‘nessa

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