Looking for new alliance 4th Oct 20


I am a level 50 player with a defense team around 4100. I am currently co-leader of an alliance that fights 5* titans but am looking for some greater challenges.

I am looking for an alliance that is fairly easy going, but where the members use all of their flags in war and make an effort with titans. I don’t chat overly much, but am happy to give or take advice as necessary and I do pay attention to chat messages, I do not use discord. My kids often grind lower levels for me for Path of Valour tasks etc, so I don’t really want a team with too many off colour jokes etc in the chat.

I will be looking to leave my current alliance when our current war chests next reach 25 (probably 2-3 wars time).

If anyone has any likely suggestions that would be much appreciated.




Hey you should look to join TBD - Part Deux

We always use war & titan flags and just a great group of people. You don’t need to chat, we leave most of that to @Yates1876, but he’s also really good at leaving messages in-game.



Hey mate, @GrandFlyer6518 should be able to help you out over at the Skeleton Clique.

They’re a great alliance full of long term members who look out for each other.
They’re looking for one more and hitting 10*s

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Thanks for tagging us @Sarah2!

@Beothrick - we would love to have you stop by. Even if you just wanted to visit for a war or two to check us out! I think we could have what your looking for.


Hey @Beothrick!

This is Piberium (Pib) from Badger Company (🦔 Badger Company wants YOU! ), if you are still looking please pay us a visit in the game (we are open) or ping me at LineID: Piberium if you have the Line app.

First off, all of us are laid back, friendly and always willing to help each other out, we do have an understanding that everyone has a life outside this game so no one will blame you if you have to opt out from wars or miss a couple of titan hits, as long as you let us know we are cool.

That said, we strive to get some good loot from titans and war chest for everyone in the team, unless we are facing a super strong 11* titan or opponent we give our all.

Right now 14 of us are over 4K team power and have some other excellent pupils in the making, if you want to bring over a relatively new/low team power friend please do so, we love coaching people!

Any questions you may have please ping me here or at Line app (LineID: Piberium)

All the best!


Hello Beothrick!

I believe @Math4lyfe and @rigs will be able to help you find a home within our Crew alliances!!


Thanks for the tag @Pantryraider :slight_smile:

Always happy to discuss crew options. My line id is lafontaine4 if you’d like to chat.

You’ll have tons of great options. Take your time and find the one that works best for you!

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What level of titan are you looking to move up to? 5s to 10s/11 is a pretty big leap up as they start to hit a lot stronger, but then from that to 14s is not a huge jump (in my opinion anyway) as they hit just as strong (most good defense heroes 2-shotted) except they probably have twice as much health so as a team you need to hit twice as well. I ask the question because I think a lot of people underestimate the level of titan they are able to take on based on their TP. My titan teams are all from around 4000 to 4200tp (using Ranvir in 4-1 teams, some defense down and some elemental down but certainly dont have a full set) and I am pretty comfortably hitting 14* titans, with a mix of low level items (minor mana, turtle banner, arrow, axe) to timestops, medium mana, large mana, torandos and various titan lodge items when required. Titans are where the majority of the good loot is at so my advice is to try to find the level of titan where its a bit of a challenge without being too much stress and then find an alliance that provides that level of titan for you (as well as your other criteria). That may require you to try a few alliances or to merc a bit before you find your sweet spot. Just don’t sell yourself or your team short!

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We would love to have u! We broke off from our long time alliance to grow…awesome people, just really, really laid back. We are hoping to draw in like minded players who like a bit of competitive fun. There are 5 of us, killing 6*s. Come check us out, you can see it better than I can tell it: Silent Implosion is our name. Hope to meet you!

Would love to have you in Fate and Fortune, small family alliance, kid safe language is a requirement for us-currently 15-2 in war

Hi check out ‘MOOSE WAGON’ . hope you find what you are looking for.

Killing around 9* titans,

Elite empires. Laid back crew. Great leader. No drama. 9-10* titans.

Anti-Heroes would be happy to have you.

If asking me? Just search for elite empires. Leader is Aero.

I am sure you have many choices now to look through. If you are still looking once you vett them all, might I suggest:

One caveat: We are adults, so there has been some language (ahem!), but we do try to keep it clean.

Misfit Toys hits the titan every day; if you opt in, you will hit six flags in war. That’s pretty standard for a great many alliances, and we’re no different. But our style is casual/competitive… we don’t tell you which target to hit, or set alarms for a blitz, etc. That’s too much work, and not our thing.

If this sounds good to you, contact saberofempires (Ice) or chibipotato16 (Rook) on Line. :wink::+1:


Vem pra Castelo de guerra

Translation: Come to War Castle

Same as earlier…give us a look Silent Implosion…

Misfit Toys is a big jump (12* titans), maybe try our sister alliance who are around 9* :grin:

We are laid back. 9/10* titans
Require 6 flags in war

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