Looking for new active alliance

Feel free to come try out Squirrel Brigade. We have a wide variety of players. All very active and full participation. Very helpful and growing stronger.

@JRJR60 do you happen to have the line app? If so, add my id.


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Hi, @JRJR60,

You can join our Alliance Mangy Marauders of NI.
Nice active players who are supportive and have fun.


Will you be interested to join our alliance?
You can have a look at it. As long as you are active hitting it we are fine. Any questions feel free to ask us! :slight_smile:

Incase to havnet found a new alliance. Come try us out. Mixed nut - special blend.

Mystic’s Midgardians

Did you happen to find an alliance to join?

The MVP has 8 open spaces. Minimum 2000 cups requirement. We take down 8-9 star titans easily and just recently wrecked the 9* Rare Tiger. Only hardcore players needed. Friendly bunch with lots of experience and high leveled players.

Super Titan Warriors 2 is currently looking for fully active members. We have 3 open spots at the moment with no invite required.

For someone like you that’s still fairly new to the game would be a perfect fit for us as we have members in the alliance that are always more than willing to help and guide to get the best out of your hero’s/teams. There are also plenty of friends of the alliance that help as well as members from our sister alliances.

You can read up a little more about us in our recruiting thread Super Titan Warriors 2

5 Team Alliance, room to grow within Alliance

If u haven’t already found ur choice we would welcome u aboard $ilver Phoenix Alliance.


Hi JRJR60, come check out The Flying Hellfish. I’ve just joined this young alliance and have not regretted my decision so far.

The leader is inspiring and the members are full of enthusiasm to grow, come help is make this a great alliance.

We use LINE so feel free to look up our leader line ID maradeurfh

If you haven’t found one yet pop in have a chat and check team out .
Flying Kiwi Rangers

@EVA01 @Kira981112 @Mogiman

This post is from September 2018, so I’m guessing maybe the OP found an alliance at some point in the last 6 months. :wink:

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And this is why u should not be on the forums sill at 6:42 am! Lmao. Nicely dun though. That was the nicest way anyone has ever called me an idiot! Can I give u my wife’s number and maybe u could teach her how to do that???:grimacing::grimacing:

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Hi we are an adult alliance called Titan Killers GB we range in level wise from 58 to 15, looking for active players like yourself. No drama , we’re fighting 7* titans, war optional we’d rather have you in come check us out

Might want to look at the date on a thread before you necro it

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we have 2 spots open. we are destroying titan and winning wars. come join the fun. 2000 trophies minimum.

This thread is from before the 1 month auto-close, and appears to be no longer active. Please open a new thread if you’re still looking for an alliance.

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