Looking for more fun in an alliance



Hello all,
I’m Steve, 25yo from Germany and looking for a new English or German speaking alliance, that offers a familial character.
Besides from my work time I’m often online in this game, almost never letting titan or alliance war points go to waste (sometimes it happens) .

My team power is currently 3866, but fastly increasing (maxed gravemaker, drake, g. Panther, several 4* in my team, currently working on alberich and the next step will be alasie).
I’m usually around 2400-2600 trophies.

My current alliance is regularly beating 7* titans, where I am always rank A+ or A. Barely 8* titans, because half of the alliance is not really involved in attacks. And I’m really missing the alliance bonding.
But I have to say that I don’t have any experience with 9* and higher titans, but I’m quite optimistic to do my bit with your tips.

Looking forward to get to know you.
Timeline for my change: approx. within the next 2-3 weeks

BR Steve


Guardians Reborn fits the bill - beating 8* titans and winning wars with a team effort.

Lots of friendly in-game and Line App chat.

We also have a training/vacation alliance for new players or busy regulars.

Global membership from north America, Europe and Oceania.

We are currently full but may well have space in your time-frame.


The Walkers is an excellent alliance. I’ve recently joined them and through their support and advice my game has improved.

They have excellent leadership and the members are very friendly, supportive and chatty.

It’s an international alliance and you’d be very welcomed.


I should mention that I’m looking for a new adventure with fighting 9* +titans, since I have a nice base of 4* heroes liks falcon, jackal, kiril, boldtusk, etc. as well

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Peter Palace X is a family and looking for players like u! We r international and have two couples that play with us. We r doing 9 titans n will teach u how to improve ur game. Look us up so u can c r players. We value loyalty and active players and understand life is important. We do require Line app to strategize n to hv fun too! Line app me, 13aslan or macamauro. Talk with you soon!


Check out “The MVP”
We are all above 2000 cups taking 8/9* titans. Very strong in war but need players like you.
We have grown as a team and 95% of us and been together more than 9 months upto a year +
Everyone is friendly and full of advice. I more than anything am after loyal players to grow together.
MVP Bully


Hi Steve! @PeterPinguin
As luck will have it - we lost a member today and can offer you a spot.
Forza della Strega is a German speaking alliance and many of our members have been with us for close to a year. We are friendly, helpful and drama-free. Currently taking down 8* titans with the occasional 9* - but hoping to do so regularly in the near future. We enjoy coordinating our efforts for war.
Active participation for titans and alliance wars is expected.

If you are interested, just let me know.


@PeterPinguin try one in the top100 they often have a spot. and you will learn and get bettter info for expirence players. 7d is a good choice too mate apply to join us on discord.


I am now ready for a change to an alliance fighting 10* titans and above.
In addition to myself I can also bring a colleague of my former alliance if you want, who is as good as me.


if you have line, hit me up. Line Id: jrigs. we can talk there


I am in a teaching alliance, so I can’t offer you a spot; however, Midnight Marauders is my recommendation.

Just view activity incliding chat.

Good luck


Check out Titan Slayers. We currently have 1 vacancy, until we don’t! LoL. We take down 9s regularly and sometimes 10s. We just took down a 10* Rare Unicorn.

Our members are very friendly and helpful. We ask that you hit the Titan as much as possible and do your best in Alliance Wars.

No offense intended, but from your self-description your team isn’t ready for the top 100. You do sound like a good fit for Titan Slayers tho!


@Rook Please close this thread. Thank you :slight_smile: