Looking for Merger : "Truth & Courage"

Hey Everyone, We are looking for a potential merger with an Active Alliance that has a close-knit group of 10-15 members like us.

We are an active, easy-going bunch and we want an active bunch like us to join our Alliance and have fun owning Titans & Wars together.

We have 2 very simple & easy rules.

  1. Hit the Titan if you’re online
  2. If you Opt-in the War, make sure to use all your flags. If inactive for a while, no worries … you can opt-out and come back in once active again.

We don’t use Line, Whatsapp, etc. We communicate regularly in the Alliance chat and have fun! Looking forward to your replies.

Hi there we are a team of 9 and a team of 16…altogether… we have been together for a very long time. If you wish, you could come over to us. We follow the same rules as you do. If you are looking for players to come to you then we wish you all the best. :slight_smile:

Same here at West of the equator’. We are an international alliance with players from all over the world. Currently hitting 9 - 10 star titans. We are a training alliance and have a total of 4 alliances combined. So we are able to move between competitive, less competitive, relaxed, and newbie alliance. If you would like to at least take a look at what we have to offer come have a chat. No strings attached. At the very least you can look around our many discord channels. It’s free. We also have a knowledge seeker membership your free to join. There you may ask for advice about game or heros even if you decide not to join. Just hit the link below.

Bumping the thread for visibility

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