Looking for Merge or Small groups to join us

The Lost Legion*

Currently have 10 spaces open, so we are looking for small groups to join us or a merge (into us).
We have had a few players lose interest and quit the game hence the amount of space.

We have been going for over 3 years, with a good leader, good core of long time players, not to competitive but we get stuff done, simple war strat.

Easy 12* titans when full, currently capping at 11* due to low numbers.

Not many rules or overly strict, all we ask is for flags to be used.

Members range from lvl50 to lvl90.

Line group, with mom bot.

If interested reply here.
Or message edinathelostlegion (Line).

But your chat Language is Portugese I think, will you accept other country people, we are having Level 47, 31 is it acceptable to you ?

We have people from UK/US/Euro/Balkans, language is set as Portuguese to avoid some censorship, main language of the group is English

Do you have any Finlanders, some finlander hate Asians and will kick, if not we may join after war

Thats awful, no racism of any kind would be tolerated, we are a friendly team, it doesn’t matter where you from.

What is your team name?

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Peace Troops, because we all love peace in our daily life

Hey Bitra, sorry for delayed response, working.

Had a look at your team, I think you guys might just be a little weak for us, don’t mean any offence by that, just ours wars and big titans would be very hard for you, it wouldn’t be enjoyable.
Hope you find a good alliance, with good people though.

We are looking for a possible merger. Yiu can reach me or Vragman on LINE app. Thanks

Edit: Removed ID (made contact)

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