Looking for members or a merge

Hi Cowboy if you guys are willing We can take the 10 of you in. Over the months we’ve kicked most of the dead weight and we are 20 members right now constantly killing 7 and 8 star titans. We all use our war hits also. I’ve been trying to get us back to 30 members but it’s no easy task.

this is us… I’ll be around if you want to talk about it with your alliance

Yea recruiting is a pain

Our alliance name is American Made #1, can you contact us?

I was in a top alliance with my wife and a friend just way to much drama so we went back to my alternate account Graveyardxx . We are doing good just got some low level learner’s lol . Might could do a parcel split

Are you on Line app ?

I am, but I haven’t used it in a long time.

But I can try to reactivate it.

Yea I’d hate to jump out right when I got my war teams set up then back in again to talk

My line I’d is hounddog1955

We too are looking to recruit and it is not very easy!

Hi. We currently have 13 members with most members being lvl 26-46. We just started accepting any level. We are they members to hold it against someone who is new or low lvl.We really dont have any rules BUT ask for maximum participation. We just reminding members and asking if every ok around 2nd missed titan attack in row.
3 missed titan attacks will cause announcement in group chat identifying who is at risk, why and if we can help. 4 then you are removed.
The purpose of our alliance is to work together within the confines of our real life. If you will be out just say out for x days. Nothing further than that. We really are NOT aiming for 1st place or even top 15. Our real lives are too busy for that. We just want to play, be good at it, meet nice ppl and HAVE FUN. If we make it to top 15 or 1st play by doing this then so be it. All our members are daily and active. We went from 7 /8 stars back down to 4/5 atm. We help members communicate in AC but communicate more on Facebook msg. U can use real account ot face up to you. Does this sounds like something you all would be interested in and joining us? Please let me know as I am talkin with 3 other alliances as well. 10 or our 13 members have been in our alliance for more than 6 months

Why the down size of our alliance? Honestly most just stop playing the game as a whole. 1 or 2 ppl left to different teams. We look forward to the future together.

Forest fighters we wanna let go of some members

We have 13 members who are active but we are requiring line app for communication. You still want to merge that would be great. We have no rules officially but we ask two things max participation and let us know if you are going to be extended amount of time.
Leaders look at how long and usually anyone gone 3 days or.more we give warning then remove. If someone miss 2 or 3 titans we remove. Other than that helpful and friendly. Download line app and let.me a I’m you can find me by I’d number 13689031

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We are still looking

You guys have line?


We are accepting and looking for members to join or absorbed. Your leader will be given co leader and then we can Agree on rest? If interest we are a line app group you can contact me ID#13689031

This is wisconsinette was in your alliance until I lost my phone hoping this is the right alliance I’m written to…tryen to get into my account to play but starts u all over???

I changed alliance, but I remember you. I really like where I am. You’re welcome to join here, we’re really helpful to new players. Look is up, brawler’sINC

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We have openings in Apocalypse 831 if your people would like to join us.

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