Looking for members of my old alliance - Dragon Fighters and Family Clan

Hi all

I am trying to find my old alliance however when doing a search, nothing comes up.

Is there a better way than just the usual search online?

I had the same problem long time ago; just looking for my first alliance, to see how they’re doing. It turned out they changed the name. However, I found them. I searched in top 100 local players every day until I saw one of them. From time to time the best players from your old alliance, maybe reach the local leaderboard. It’s about trophies, so the chances are pretty good.


You dont perhaps have an easy access link?

I don’t understand… Don’t you know where is the local leaderboard? Click on yellow cup in the game and then local, not global.

i was referring to one on the forum perhaps? i know about the local leader board on the game, i cant find them there

Well, how to find them on forum? Only if they posted at least once at the alliance recruitment. Well, keep trying every day on local leaderboard. Took me a while till I found mine :slight_smile:

great stuff, thanks @Scarecrow

You could try editing your heading to Looking for my old alliance '“name”

and then see if any of them respond.


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