Looking for less drama?

I have yet to be able to find a drama free alliance, so I started my own. Welcome to players of all levels. Join and grow with me.


Drama free and people participate in Titans and AW? Is that possible?? :wink:

Edit: I’m asking because lately I’ve been considering changing alliances. The leader and Co-leader seem to have lost interest. I just don’t want to leave the newer players I’ve been working with high and dry, so that’s been holding me back. I’ve decided it may be time for a change

I am hoping to create it! May kick for creating drama! NightBloods Reborn!

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Bring them along! I like training!

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I’m looking for an alliance that can actually inform me on what I am supposed to be doing and how to actually play the game. I have just been flying by the sit of my pants in both games that I have going right now. I have been trying to get friends so I can get better players but how do I do that?

Join us! Search NightBloods Reborn in the alliance search! I am more than willing to help! In game name is Duke of Taurus. Look for me as alliance leader!

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Want an alliance? Two words: Waffle Jokes!

We want to win but in a fun way! Excellent group of guys talking strategy and supporting each other with NO drama. Visit our alliance: Heroes Never Die!

Join the Newfie B’ys. We can help with any questions you might have and can explain strategy

We are up to 4 and still looking for new or experienced players!

I think we have a good start so far!

Or you guys could join us. May long your big jib draw :slight_smile:

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We’ve kicked people out for drama before. We dont like it and we think everyone should just have a good time playing the game and growing together. We like to win wars and we like to help each other out.

Yes b’y! :smile: we really have about 13 spots open.


We are currently sitting at 20/30 members! Good mix of early, mid, and late game experience!

Drama is still sitting at ZERO! We are winning most wars, and beat most titans!

We can still use 10 more to fill out our great allliance, NightBloods Reborn. Look for me, the leader, Duke of Taurus in the game!

We dont have any trophy requirements, and are an open alliance! All we ask is that you stay active and enjoy the game!

Thanks for checking us out!

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