Looking for help with defense team setup

Troops are a long-term investment and will shuffle across many heroes over time. So you can’t tailor them to a specific hero.

4* troops are a big notch above 3* troops. Ideally you never level up anything but 4* troops, but those are hard to get. My alt account still has 4* in only two colors after ten months (no money spent to acquire troops).

Choosing between leveling crit or mana 4* troops is a tough challenge. See this thread:

For 3* troops, I have a strong preference for the attack version. The way the math works in this game, buffing defense by N% isn’t as powerful as buffing attack by N%. Moreover, a continued role for your 3* troops after they are replaced by 4* troops is in the Epic tier of challenge events. You win events by overwhelming offense, not defense.

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