Looking for help rebuilding alliance

We are looking for members who can help rebuild Punk Rampant. I have 5 vacancies after our heavy hitters left to join established teams. We are growing and leveling our teams daily and have a 6 war win streak. Unfortunately we lack knowledgeable players to help us reach the next level.

Visit us at Punk Rampant

There may be Line or Discord groups with experienced players available in them to help with the lack of Knowledge. The reason I mention these two forms of communication is that there is a way to post articles and videos (Line) that may help with growing your knowledge base.

Joining an alliance to help out is something that I’ve done in the past, but with the addition of AW I just can’t pick up and leave my alliance for an extended period of time. Others may feel the same. If anyone knows of a Line or Discord group that helps new or semi-new players, post the information here.

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Thank you for the suggestion.
I completely understand. We actually lost most our knowledgeable players to greener pastures. Rather than help us grow together, they took off for more competitive teams.
I was hoping to get some floaters willing to spend a week or two with us. No long term commitments. Just a little help.

I’ll look into those groups.

Hey Brenda,
Are you willing to merge with my team? I am purging the non players as we speak and can make room for 8 active players. We are slowly growing too. I don’t have heavy demands, just want players to at least try and to constantly grow their heros without pressure. Folks were not logging on for 15 days, not setting up their defense for war, just dead weight.

Things have changed for the better over the last week or else I most likely would have jumped at the opportunity. We got a few new members so we are now at 29. Tho I do have 2 that have been MIA. I know you mentioned you had many more active members than I have spots. We’d love to have you and a couple of your members over if you decide keeping the alliance going is not worth it. If you’d like to,chat you can find me on Line or we can coordinate to meet in global. :slight_smile: