Looking for former teammates

First and foremost, I would like to extend an apology to the alliances mentioned here, as well as to anyone I tagged who isn’t one of the people I was looking for.

I am looking to contact some of my former alliance members, not knowing whether or not they read the forum or even still play the game.

This message is intended for people who were once members of two particular alliances: either RWM or Rogue 1. I am aware that both of these alliances are under new membership and most of their current members will have no idea who I am, so please do not harass them, they are not at all responsible for all the stupid annoying crap I post on here.

I’m just wondering whether or not any of the following members still play (apologies if you are not the same person as tagged in this thread, feel free to ignore): seeking my original alliance leader, @Plunderer AKA @Barbarian AKA @Destroyer ; beloved co-leader @Sonar (don’t remember his other alts); other beloved members @Dar , @Raea , @Sasquatch AKA @Bluntski , @Talisara , @Tara , also Cappedandwrapped (not sure what your forum handle would be if you had one, and plus the forum only allows me to tag 10 people at once).

Any others who might remember me, TGW from RWM (“back in the day”, not current RWM whom I’m not familiar with, sorry for bringing you guys into this).

Perhaps also a few others from Call of the Sirens might remember me (perhaps not fondly - under the pseudonym Captain Jack; though I don’t think that alliance even exists anymore).

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Okay so only 5 of those are existing forum handles, and I’m guessing most of them don’t actually belong to the people I’m looking for; in those cases, my apologies for tagging you, feel free to disregard this post.

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