Looking for feedback on my new team

So I’ve been playing this game since November of last year, and have finally gotten the last ingredient for a fully ascended 5* team.

My team is as follows, from left to right.

Lianna, Magni, Delilah, Grave Maker, Domitia

I was really hoping to get Guardian Panther yesterday, but after spending over 20K in gems, it just wasn’t to be. I would have gladly subbed out Domitia for her in order to keep a debuffer, as I see that as essential in higher level play and Domitia is the only 5 I have with that ability. Currently Lianna and Magni are 4/80, Grave Maker is 4/65, and Lianna and Domitia are waiting for their last ascend at 3/70. As it stands this group keeps me on the line and bouncing back and forth between Platinum and Diamond, and I’m hoping once all players are maxed I will be able to make strong strides in Diamond. Just looking for input and any thoughts on if this is a solid team or if it is just a stepping stone until I can land better heroes and more mats (which will be more months away surely).

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I think this s a very solid team. As a mechanical matter, I’d flip it around. AI fires left to right, and you want Domitia to fire and debuff first, not last, if several heroes are ready to go. Putting your snipers on the right will let them cleanup whatever is left after Domitia and Gravemaker have their fun.


I also like to make full use of my heros specials so I wouldn’t put Domitia on the end as she protects nearby allies.

Thanks for the advice about left to right, very solid advice there. As for Domitia on the far outside, my thinking there is I want to maximize GM’s super fast speed, which he can’t do very well on the outside. If Domitia’s buff was anything more than color protection I would most certainly try and maximize her potential, but with the team I have here I felt she had the least amount of argument for an inside lane. Yet another reason I really wanted Guardian Panther though, as nothing would be lost whatsoever with her on the outside. Maybe next time.

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