Looking for commitment alliance


Looking for commitment alliance

I would like to enter into a serious commitment alliance friends, some for nomination

I have 2200 cup


You are posting in the wrong section of the forum. Try “alliance recruitment” instead :slight_smile:


You can come join us in Sovereign Speakeasy. You’re exactly the right power and we are all very committed!


Come check us out in RedruM Inc. very active, very knowledgeable, and very friendly


Technicolor Minds <----- Search Term

You’d have the highest cup counts if you join. We had to cull some numbers recently and some of them were higher cupped (but became inactive without saying anything). We are active Titan hitters and are hovering around 4*/5* Titans, alliance war is currently optional for us on individual opt-in/out basis. Can be as chatty as you want or not. We are pretty laid back and are respectful to one another and generally let in-game actions of our members speak for themselves.

The only thing we ask is:

  1. Keep line of communication open if you are going to be inactive.
  2. Keep the civility and no drama.


Hi mark. Check out “The MVP”. We r friendly and active. Taking down 9* titans with ease with just 23 members. The alliance is open. We would like you to have with us.


@Destiny777 - How are you liking LS Bane? He turned me totally off chat in a previous alliance due to being slightly crazy. Hopefully he has mellowed out a bit.


Sorry mark. That was a mistake. My mobile slipped and by mistake i did it.


Dropped 11* this week. Serious? 5 Team Alliance not including a trainer alliance. You decide, if we are serious. Rules posted…5 titan hits daily, all WAR flags. Demoted or kicked.

What is your Team/Defense Power?

ZERO Leader: Pat B!


We just our last spot. What’s your Line ID? We have 5 teams…