Looking for Christian Alliance

Looking for Christian Alliance that is ACTIVE and has high expectations sprinkled with grace. Strong communication in chat or through other means a must.

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If you meet the above criteria then come join us we are a family friendly alliance

Not necessarily a Christian allaince but were good people looking to fill a few spots we have a alliance chat outside of the game for better communication stop by and check us out

Still looking for an alliance? Back in December I picked the current alliance I’m in, Heroes Never Die. The first conversation I witnessed when I joined had to do with God! I knew right then that I made the right choice. Check out our Alliance, you won’t be sorry! God Bless you in your search, whether you choose us or not, let your light shine everywhere you go!

What size titans is the alliance fighting? Does the alliance coordinate war strategies? Any requirement fir an alternate chat platform? How active are the members?

Daerb, what alliance is it?

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You did not identify your alliance.

Try Primal Instinct. Family like alliance. Thank you.

Check out Sword of the Spirit (AoG). Not everyone on the team is Christian but we keep chat clean and positive. 9-10* titans, strategic in war. My Line ID is in the description if you would like to chat.

Sorry. We are Heroes Never Die!

We have 24 members. A few have language restrictions, so they don’t communicate too much, but there is a good core of hard workers that keep the team together. A couple really strong members left for personal reasons, but before that we were beating 7* Titans, working our way back to that now. About 5-10 of us talk the most, but others chime in periodically. We were just discussing a new strategy we might use in future wars, maybe you’ll be a part of it! We ask that you try and participate in as many wars and Titans as possible. People have gotten kicked out for being out 9 days in a row, otherwise we aren’t too strict! We have a Facebook page but I don’t think anyone really talks on there anyway! It is a really good group of guys, being a little silly but supportive of each other and every one of us wants to win and get better loot from chests!

Heroes Never Die, we’ll see you soon!

You are still looking? Try this one! 100% active, 9-10* Titans, respectfull and friendly members. :hugs:

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