Looking for an alliance


I need a new alliance. the group i’m in is nice but we struggle to beat 5* titans. At this rate i will never get my needed ascension items. we have a small group of dedicated players and the rest just barely participate.
i hit every day and use all my points.
my team power is currently 2815 and trophies are around 1500
i’m friendly, helpful, and play everyday.
what i’m looking for:
i want to be on a team that regularly takes out 6* titans
i am looking for an english speaking group and would prefer one that is relatively talkative in chat.


Come to Battle Toads we kill seven stars regularly


Great, thanks! Looking forward to it.


Come join “JUSTICE SOUTHERN STYLE” We all work together and have lots of fun…


Then you are exactly right with us :slight_smile: we are still looking for new players for our team … Do you want to hunt titans then you are exactly right with us ^ ^ so just look around :wink: you’ll find our alliance under Brotherhoods [GER]


Malto, have you found a home? Do you want me to close this thread or leave it open for more possibilities? :wink:


We would love to have you join JUSTICE SOUTHERN STYLE. We are a very active alliance, and tons of fun.


Found a new alliance. Thanks everyone! Close the thread please.