Looking for an alliance to merge with

Howdy all.

I’m a co-leader in my alliance and recently we had our leader and 2 co-leaders abandon us. They have been MIA for a month now. We are looking to start a new alliance on the 4th of July. It will be our Independence Day!!!

When we make this transition we also want to get rid of our dead weight to be more competitive. I want to get rid of around 10-15 of our members, 5-8 at minimum. Currently we are farming 6* & 7* titans and win almost all of our alliance wars. Our top 10 players are all producing 5*s from camps and starting to move in to the higher end of the game.

What I’m looking for is another alliance in a similar situation who may be interested in merging with us (or us with them).

Let me know if anyone is interested or has any questions.

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Hey there we were in same boat be have already started new alliance we have 12 spot at the mo 9 days old and already finishing 2nd lvl 4 titan both wars won we have a policy 7 days demoted 14 day absent kicked we have 6 new players all keen as friendly helpful open alliance looking for daily active everyone is co leader same power so everyone helps Flyingkiwi

Mogiman, do you have Line?

How many would you have after removing the dead weight? We constantly win our wars and are defeating 6&7 titans. We have some fat to trim as well.

Well, a couple of us that are very active have 2nd accounts to help with titans since we are not full. Dropping those 3 alts + our dead weight… Ideally we would like to fill 15 spots with active players who are comparable to our current top 15.

Atch, how many active players would yall be bringing to the table? Could you get down to 15?

I should have been more clear with my thread title. We aren’t looking for an alliance to merge with ours, we are looking for an alliance for our top 15 or so players to join. Our leader is MIA so we can’t boot him.


If you have lower level ACTIVE players that don’t fit with your new alliance, let me know. I run Magnificent Bastards, a training alliance, and I may be able to make room. We’re currently full, but I remove inactive players about once a week. Working on a 6* rare titan right now.

We have 25 may be able to get to 23 but doesn’t look like we will be able to join forces

The Black Pearl , currently facing 8* and 9* titans has 4 empty spots at present, after a bit of cleaning. Anyone welcome to try them

#490wn if that’s what your after

Or do u mean like an add for our alliance recruitment not sure what your after .I was just playing the game in an alliance which died so started new one 10 days ago not really up on the play with the technical side with what and how to .I know pretty noobie for playing for a while lol.we have 20 players 6 new lower lvl players but all keen and growing with a base of the active players from old alliance we are ten days old already lol 4 3rd tier titan both wars won winning latest one but without more peoples I feel we will fall into same trap of staying at certain lvl until new players get stronger with a bit more new strength I think we could really cream it with 5 higher lvl players i think 7 and 8s would be easy with 10 who knows

Nocturnal Winds is looking for a few strong consistent players to join us. We are a strong friendly Alliance that chats a lot. We use Discord chat for all gaming strategies. We are currently taking down 7* & 8* Titans and win almost all our wars. Most of our team is 3000 +

Hi Intanya, we can maybe clear up 8-9 spots in our top alliance for you. I know that does not accommodate your entire team, but we could offer to spread whoever is left amongst our linked alliances which are all under the same umbrella.

We face 7-9* titans currently in the top tier, and our younger alliances will be facing anywhere between 4-7* titans. Message me on LINE @elli287 if this interests you.

Howdy Lurker, I’ll send you a message on Line here in a bit.