Looking for an alliance to merge with or join! [CLOSED]


You sound exactly where we are at.

We hit all 7-8star titans but often let the 9 star go. Can’t hit them forever.

We have discord instead of line… we find it’s organisation of chat and data saving searching superior.

Wars tick in use all flags, but tick out anytime.

Our leaders are in 3 time zones so always online, and some of our members are in top 100 alliances, but this is our chill out place.

Shoot me a message if want to know more.

Hyper Aggressive Llamas

check us out kindred hearth

we do use line, or im on discord we could make that work

we take out 8 stars and the odd nine stars and looking ourselves to grow

relaxed family atmosphere

Cedarvale if are interested

hi @CBulldog,

we “Coco Jamboo” even don’t use a line :slight_smile: . so not too much talk which means there is no any drama. we are equal alliances with yours. so come and check us.

hope to see you

Hi @CBulldog we (Noodles and Cheerleaders) are also looking to merge with a like-minded alliance. The “stress and drama free” part of your description caught my attention as it’s exactly what we’re looking to foster as well. Same for titans and AW. The first is mandatory, the second optional.

We’re a bit smaller than you in terms of player levels but we’re an active and enthousiastic group that’s willing to learn and grow. And we’re really looking for a bunch of like-minded and open-minded players to form a solid alliance with. We’re a little crazy but who isn’t?

We’re also willing to merge either way, so if you are attached to your alliance name we’re good with that :slight_smile:

We’re also on Line. My id is justerik, our leader Captain_Marvel is morning_sun1.

Our alliance is open, so feel free to drop in at any time!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi, @CBulldog !
Texan Warriors is looking for more active members to join our home group . And you guys seems to be a perfect fit for us . We are all active members , a mix of 18 people from USA, Europe, Asia. :wink:
All we ask is to read the chat banner, attack the titan daily and use all the flags in war if opt in. :blush: It’s all a team work and we help and encourage each other to grow stronger together.
If real life happens, just let us know and we got you. ( 3 misses without a notification will get you kicked out )
We do use Line , but it’s optional. If you have any questions, you can find me on Line: magnifique89 or reply on our recruitment topic below. :upside_down_face:

Looking forward to hear from you. :smiley:

We (Global Titan Slayers) have 5 spots. We are killing 10*.

We are mature age… mid twenties to grandparents… and are active daily and drama free.

If you think this sounds like you, either just pop in, or line pc229

We at DREADLORDS-[SWORDS] could always use new, active members. We are currently at 17/30 and hitting 8/9* titans.

Like you, we expect titan hits and if participating in war, then we aim for all flags used.

I messaged you in line.

Hey Bulldog,

We are very active and stress free. We have 7 spots open right now and another possibly opening up. We are killing 11 and 12 star Titans. If we fill up we should be good for 13 and 14 star. We have won 13 wars in a row and the current one should make 14. Check us out in the game. We go by the name “Pittsburgh Steelers” but you do not have to be Steeler fans to join us (we have people who don’t even know what football is). Come visit and see what we are all about. I think based on everything you say in your post we could be the perfect landing spot for you.

Hope yo will come see us.

Thank you all for responding to our ad and for messaging me in Line. I very much appreciate it!

To be honest, I didn’t expect this many messages. You’ve made it very difficult for us! :smiley: My friends and I will need some time to decide. We’re taking this seriously and will need a couple more days. We are processing this in a very democratic fashion. :thinking:

Should we need additional information, will contact you directly.

In the meantime, may the boards be with you!

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Titan’s Fury has 10 spots open for you! Come on over!

Sorry I missed you when you popped in today (was sleeping … I am an Australian)

Feel free to pop back again and say hi. Or by our discord servers, or message me in this forum


Not meaning to complicate your decision but the Beacons are Lit!! shares the same philosophy as yours and we’d be happy to have you :slight_smile:

All the best with the move in any event!

Oh man, that is a major bummer to give up that name tho, oof

that’s a good one :sunglasses: :+1: :metal:

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I know! :laughing: It’s gonna be hard to let go!

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We are really want you guys!!!

@CBulldog, sent PM via Line

Hi Bulldog

I’m recruiting now for a new alliance - see the link above for details:

‘New and Growing Alliance needs Fun Going Active Members’

Mainly UK based with US members and one from Sri Lanka


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that we will be joining the Berserker Lurkers alliance. We are looking forward to this new adventure.

May the boards be with you!

Thank you all again for responding to our ad!

Congrats @CBulldog! Thanks for considering us and kudos for your very thorough investigations before deciding who to join with. I am sure you’ve made the right choice. Say hello to Lady White for us from Noodles and Cheerleaders :grin:

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