Looking for an alliance to join or merge with - The Kind One

Afternoon all!

My alliance - The Kind Ones - are looking to merge or join with another alliance.

There are 16 of us ranging from highly active (p2w, c2p) to more casuals players (f2p).

Titans: We try to push people to hit titans daily and we’re usually hitting 7* and 8* titans but struggling with 8* rare / 9*. Either because of a lack of fire power or the more casual players aren’t hitting often enough.

War: We keep it optional - If you want to join in then we would like all 6 flags being used. If you feel you would struggle with wars we’re happy for you to sit out and build your teams first. If you don’t want to take part, no worries with us.

We don’t go crazy on tactics - generally co-ordinate our tanks and try to use common sense game play so we don’t waste points although we do enjoy going for the resets. Mainly because we’re from all over the place - UK mostly but also US, Australia and Europe.

We’re pretty easy going, have a laugh and stay away from drama but will pull people up if they start taking the pee - repeatedly ignoring titan hits when logging in daily, that sort of thing.

We have a Discord channel where a number of players are on - http://discord.gg/KGt3A5A

You are welcome to join that channel and have a chat with the co-leaders and me.

The main thing we’re looking for is to get over the sticking point with titans and push to 9* + and be around more active players who like to put some effort into the game

Update: We have now merged with another alliance and are now called Rage Against The RNG so no longer looking for mergers.

However, if you are a looking for a guild to join, there are some spots open in the main guild or, if you are new / lower level, we have spaces in our sister alliance Tenacious E&P


Sounds like a great group and would love to have you all join us, but, unfortunately I only have room for 4. Good luck in your hunt and maybe we will see each other on the battlefield.

The Locker


Sounds very similar to our alliance, would think a merger could be mutually beneficial. We have about 15 members across US, Canada, and Japan, so together would make a full global team. Right now we’re at 7* Titans mostly, but range down to 6* on occasion (same reason). Basically still growing and working, but getting there.

Wars are our focus, but same approach for the most part. If you choose to opt in, then use all flags. We also have a tactician providing recommended strike times for max output. Current attempt at tank coordination is Green, but it’s not consistent yet.

Also easy going and make bad jokes, but looking to become strong in the long run. Take a look and let us know what you think!

@TrickySiskel maybe we should open discussion between discords?


Yeah I think the Kind Ones sound a lot like us and we have the capacity to support a full merger including leaders maintaining their status etc. You’ll find we’re a chill group and I agree with Mamba that it’d be awesome to have a fully global alliance - the implications of that sort of timezone flexibility for wars etc alone is tantalizing.

If y’all are interested, please swing by our Discord and say hi! We’re keen to chat - https://discord.gg/v7AfNP


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