Looking for an alliance to chill in

First off, I already have a home alliance. Just looking to hang out somewhere non top 100 to fill a war chest or two with while gaming isn’t my priority this holiday season.

I have never missed a war flag and I don’t need to be babysat so I’m looking for an alliance with other members who don’t need to be babysat. I will use 3 flags per titan at least but can’t promise to use every flag while on my little break. If you have any questions it’s Line ID: Shacita

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Why does this sound familiar…

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@Ashera, if you want to winter with us, you’d be welcome: Cracking Open a Cold One.

  • No top-100 aspirations
  • Titans: trying to get more consistent on ten star titans
  • War: 24-ish participating, strong flag usage (often not quite 100%, but hey, real life…)
  • Social: we’re fun and chatty bunch, but do NOT use Line or Discord

If that seems like the right level of seriousness and participation you’d enjoy over the holidays, come on in!

By the way, I fought you in last week’s raid tournament, but didn’t realize in time to snag a video. I’m not sure how interesting it would have been anyway, as it was a three star tournament. :slight_smile:

We plan to play on through the holiday season.

My main alliance We Don’t Kneel is currently full, but we have spots in our training alliance We Won’t Kneel.

Since this is a reborn training alliance (leader flaked on the first one and didn’t hand off leadership) we’re still fighting small titans. Bigger teams are getting in enough hits for harpoons and letting our recruits have the rest. Titans are boring but the people are energetic :grin:

We’ve won our first 2 wars. Had great communication, some trainable experiences and used all flags.

We have 15 members so there’s plenty spots. You’re welcome to fill one for the holidays - no strings attached. It would be very different than what you’re used to but very stress free. (I’m using my alt as the leader and brought her from our main that faces all 4k teams in wars. Trust me, it’s FUN! :joy:)

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If interested then join The Phoenix Warriors we have 2 open spots currently.Come check us out.Main goal is to have fun.Nobody is pointing fingers when you miss a flag/life comes first

@Ashera you are more than welcome to hang with us for as long as you want. We’re a small group just a buddy and me at the moment so easy wars and baby titans is what we can offer to help fill those chests quickly. Also, I agree with you, experience players like yourself should not be coddled. However help is available if requested. Hope you will consider the [FALLEN INTENT] (FALLEN INTENT - Exciting New Alliance!) as a place you can pass the time with for as long as you need.

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Consider Twilights Bastion for your holiday! We just moved up to reliably killing 9*s and at your level, three flags per titan will be a big help. And we could use you in wars. I’m goofey4 on Line if you have questions. Check us out! We’re a really nice group.

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