Looking for an alliance to call my permanent home

Thank you all for your (sometimes extremely detailed!) replies, I appreciate you taking the time to read my wall of text and respond in kind. :grin:

I have already joined an alliance so for the time being I’m no longer a free agent. I will evaluate after a week or two whether I’d like to make it permanent, so for the time being I will leave this thread open so I know what else is on the horizon should the current one not work out for whatever reason.


HI - Check out Victory Awaits - We are easy going, not so chatty, serious but wont kill you if you miss people. The only rule we do follow is War Tank and if you dont attack a Titan 3 times we let you go :slight_smile:

Vem pra castelo de guerra

Best of luck and happy gaming!

Best of luck, I hope you love your new home!

Check out Global Titan Slayers…FOR THE WIN…great Alliance right in the sweet spot of what you’re looking for

We are Private Party and we tick all your boxes. Our leader is Notorious Dad have a chat and see what you think.

Hope you found a home, if things don’t work out hit up Poison @ International Fight Club

my line id is jrigs if you wanna discuss possibilities whenever you have time


Hi there…
Check us out … think you’d be happy …

Check us out! We are seasoned players who have fun and just started a new alliance. We’re call Full Moon Warriors.

You should come check out my alliance.

I’ll throw my Alliance in here in case your current one doesn’t work.

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Hello Rho, I’m Vanessa, one of the co leaders of “Loot Hunters”. Read your post and all the things you are looking for are located within our Alliance. We have the generic basic rules, i.e. hit Titan daily, use all war flags etc. In regards to war flags, first time they are not used we ask the player to opt out of the next 2 wars, understanding that sometimes things happen, second consecutive time flags are not used is grounds to be removed from the alliance. All flags have been used the last 11 wars and we are currently running green tanks with the majority of us still using Tell. We typically set farming targets and then set a time when the flips can begin coordinating as much as is allowable with personal schedules and time constraints :grin: We have a somewhat chatty bunch with more activity during the weekends and during wars. Line is encouraged but totally optional and profanity is not used so no worries there :face_with_monocle: Our alliance is a 50/50 split of US/Euro players currently housing 24 players and killing 9* titans with an occasional 10* thrown in. Zero’s on Titans are logged and addressed after third time. Give us a peak when you can, regards ‘nessa

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