Looking for an alliance to call my permanent home

I’ve bounced around between alliances in the past few months, and while I’ve met some really great people and had lots of fun, none of them (except maybe one) really fit what I was looking for (the one I left because it was too intense). But the good news is after trying out alliances with drastically different play styles, I think I now have a handle on what it is I’m looking for exactly.

But first a few things about me:

  • Lv 59 player (don’t be fooled, only been playing for 9 months, just have no life is all :sweat_smile: )
  • 4327 TP war defense; 8 maxed 5* + 41 maxed 4* so can at least cobble together 6 full war teams
  • (Full disclosure: due to my limited 5* roster, I can really only run Telluria as tank, with Ursena as a secondary but much less effective option due to lack of any green 5* besides Telly. I also have cRichard (but not regular Richard) maxed but again same caveat as above)
  • Active daily, hit titan whenever I can, 100% war flag usage unless IRL emergency (happened like once or twice in my 9 months of playing)

In terms of what I’m looking for, I’ll try to list them in order of importance to me:

  • Casual yet competitive: meaning an alliance that understands people have lives outside of this game, and one would need to occasionally step away due to life or just take a small break. But at the same time, has enough of a competitive spirit that members are held accountable if they miss too many titan hits or don’t use all war flags if opted in

  • Friendly and communicative: I’m an adult and can handle myself just fine, but it doesn’t mean I want to be subjected to a constant stream of drunken swearing or off-color humor. Also please no douchebaggery. I’m not the most chatty and don’t expect you to be my best pen pal either, but for crying out loud if there’s an issue that needs addressed or you need an answer to something then please ask away in the chat because I can’t read your mind!

  • War strategy: This one is a pet peeve of mine so I’ll break this into sub-sections:

  • At a bare minimum, please ensure 100% war flag usage and actually hold members accountable for unexplained absences. I’ve lost track the number of times a war was lost simply because we left 20-30 flags on the table and leadership didn’t do a damn thing about it.

  • Tank coordination would be preferred but as I mentioned above, my war defense works best tanking Telluria, with Ursena and maybe cRichard as secondary but inferior options, so you decide if this is a dealbreaker

  • Additional strategies like time-coordinated attacks, farming the weakest teams first so they respawn faster are certainly welcome but by no means required

  • All the above being said, I’m also not looking for top 100 level of commitment where I need to be online at a certain time and each and every hit is meticulously coordinated because frankly I really don’t have the time for that.

  • Titans: I’m most comfortable hitting 8-9* titans based on my roster, some alliances I’ve been in have climbed up to 10* and while I can and will always contribute, you probably won’t see me in the top 5 hitters. Also please ensure people hit titans if they’re on since it takes a literal minute to do so - nothing more frustrating than having a titan escape only to see a bunch of big fat 0’s

  • Line/Discord optional: I have Line, but I do have a full time job so I don’t really check Line until after work. Would strongly prefer this to be optional rather than a hard requirement.

Ok I know that’s quite a massive wall of text above, but I wanted to be crystal clear about what I’m like as a player and what I’m looking for from an alliance so we don’t end up wasting each other’s time. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


We’d be a good choice for you. Old Souls. Been around 3 years. Solid bunch, drama free


Sounds like our alliance. We run either Green or purple Tanks. Free for all attack. Long established and friendly. Check us out!


You’ll be a great addition to Wildcard. We are hitting 10* plus Titans and most players have been playing for a long time. We currently have a spot open. Come see if you would like to stay. :slight_smile:


Hi Rho, all of your requirements all ticked except for time coordinated war attack. Kindly consider Na Fianna Nua on your shortlist. We have one spot left in the alliance.
In our alliance we attack in war in your convenience but need to use all flags.

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Hi @rho, you’d be welcomed at TBD Part of Deux
Tagging @Yates1876 for more pearls of wisdom.

We use all war / titan flags. We’re a close knit group of 10 hitting 7*/8* titans. Our war record is 19:3 - yeah we’re relaxed, but we also like to win.

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Dark Souls would be a good fit. It’s open, pop on in and look around if you’d like.

Best of luck with your search,


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Elite Empires. You would be a perfect fit. Good luck. Can ask me anything. 8-10* titans. Our one rule is use all flags for war. We are all adults and real life emergencies comes first. No drama. All very supportive of everyone.

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Thanks for the tag @Sarah2!

@rho - we would love to have you. We started as a small group of teammates, and we formed our own alliance. We have grown some, and would like to grow a little more. And, I think we check every one of your boxes.


Rohns war zone…killing 9 and some 10 stars. ONLY rules hit all war flags if opted in

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Hey man, join us in Fate and Fortune were 15-3 in war and active, would love to
Have you join. But we are family friendly so no language.

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Come check us out

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Hey Rho, Skeleton Clique hits all of your criteria. We currently run green tanks, but have run dark tanks in the past. We do require everyone to use all 6 flags in war or opt out. If someone has a rl issue, a sorry and brief explanation is good as long as it’s not habitual. Habitual/ non communicative members will get kicked. We encourage line, but not required. No douchebaggery here, we’re adults but, swearing is mostly to prevent us throwing our phones into the wall during war bad boards lol… check us out, we have one spot open.

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Hi Rho! It looks like you have a lot of really great options but if you are still looking we have an open spot. Team name is Sword of the Spirit [AoG] if you would like to look us up. We are a well-established team with many players who have been here for over 2 years. We run green tanks and hit 11* titans. Based on what you have written, I think you would be a great fit for the team. You don’t need to hit in the top 5 to make a solid contribution. We have clean chat, friendly people, all war flags are used, everyone helps with titans, and a war strategy that looks a lot like the type you are looking for. Our team has both Line and Discord. You don’t have to belong to the Line group but we have a lot of really helpful info posted and it’s a great way to communicate if there is an emergency.
If you think you might be interested, I would be happy to chat with you more. Best of luck finding a place that you can call your permanent home!


Give us a go, we’d love to have you! :slight_smile:


Hi rho, do check out Akkadian Elysium, looks to me like we have a perfect fit here! Me and a friend joined them like 9 months ago when our small friends alliance shrank down to just the two of us, their motto of “casual serious” was what we were looking for and what I think you are doing as well! We were very warmly welcomed and have not regretted our choice one bit. Now I have advanced to be a co-lead myself in the alliance. There are members from several different countries and time zones with a slight dominance of North America (I am from Sweden myself), and a mix of male and female members. Many members are very active in fun and interesting chat discussions regarding the game, whereas others just play the game, it is up to you. There is a real family feel to the alliance, and if needed you get a lot of support also on the personal level. We have an optional Line group which is highly recommended, where we can post pictures, ask polls etc. and also have the awesome “Wise Goat” plugin which you can ask questions regarding virtually every aspect of the game. But everyone is not using it, so it is totally up to you. Also, a few of us have started using heroplan.io where we have a “mirror alliance”. There we can look at each others heroes, teams etc. as a base for discussions. Like Line that is just a bonus if you like it and not required.

We have very good flag usage in wars and against titans in general, but there is a common understanding that real life issues can prevent you from playing sometimes (we do opt out of wars if we know this in advance). We usually fight 9 - 10* titans. We have a coordinated war strategy which I think is right up your sleeve (we attack weaker targets and let them respawn in two attack waves before going for the all-in attack), but you can deviate from this e.g. if you need to use your flags at a certain point. Currently we use purple war tanks, but we have had some member using another tank color for quite a long transition period while moving emblems. So there would be no problem with you using Telly to begin with. Although I think Ursena (flanked with Telly) would be great as well if you could put some emblems on her, I know of at least one member in the alliance who use that combo with great success.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or contact me on Line (magicrebel is my ID). Or just make a join request and try us out for a while and see what you think !

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Lots of good candidates have posted already, but if you haven’t decided yet, consider Anti-Heroes, too.

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@rho i believe we are a good fit for your description

the only thing is that we face 13*/14* titans

if you would like to give it a try, feel free to contact me on Line
Line: star150m

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Check out Arrogant Librarians!

Alliance: 15/30

Titans: 7-8* (We’d probably consistently take down 8* with just a little more muscle)

Titan Requirements: Demotion for not hitting titan AND the titan escapes, unless notice is given that you might miss. Notice results in zero action ever and you can be gone for as llong as you need.

War: Use all flags or demotion, unless you haven’t been promoted, then not using them all is a kick. Mostly green tanks, but not absolutely mandatory. Average strength of opposing defense teams ~4100-4200.

Strategy—Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings (USA time) for main attacks—most will use all six flags at this time. You can hit before that and recycle smaller teams, if you want to. Pairing a strong player up 4300+ Defense with a weaker player to do cleanups is preferred, but not mandatory. Only if it is convenient for both players.

Please keep in mind that demotions/kick will happen if you do not use all War flags. Almost no excuse is acceptable, unless you or a family member have a legit emergency, or something. If you have any doubt, just opt out.

Anyway, happy hunting and feel free to drop in and chat with us, see how you like the group.

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