Looking for an alliance that would like to merge with us


I think there is too much difference between your two top players and the rest of the alliance. Rhino, if you will keep this alliance competitive, I would suggest changing the alliance to invite only and setting the trophy requirement to at least 1000. This way you might attract some higher level players in time… On the other hand, we do have four available spots if your top four would be interested in joining a 75k alliance score 170k war score, 7* titan alliance. If not, good luck with your merge-ing!


We would be more than happy to accommodate the top two at The MVP. We recently tried to merge and it took a long time!
We have 138-141k score with 27 players. We take 10/11* titans and we do very well in wars having scored our best score of 5900 recently.
Check out: The MVP
Or get my on Line: thebully007

We are looking for one daily player if that helps. We are The Byzantine Empire and need a minimum of 800 Trophies and TP 2800! Why not Check us out! image


I am Varian from age of apocalypse.
There are 3 of us in the alliance, and we are currently hitting 4, and 5* Titans.

You can reach me on the line app : variantan

We are looking looking for active members to join us, and grow.

Best regards,


Hey guys we are interested for the merge!
Check Greek frappe in game
My line id is: dimitris5477 let’s talk

We’re interested

33 Seconds can take a pair. Even beginner level. We can help get them stronger.

Hi, our alliance Cornerstone is looking for active players with a good sense of humor. We have 10 players now, room enough for more team members who are willing to stay and play. So come on in, sit down and eat some titan meat with us :smiley: CU soon

Hi! My alliance #SorryNotSorry would love for you all to join us. We are comprised of co-leaders and elders, so everyone is equal and your team joining us would be no different. We are 9 players with a big trophy differential as well. Currently, we’re taking out 5-6* Titans and are undefeated in wars. Message me on line app - Rars22.


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