Looking for an alliance (TCM)

Hello everyone I’m looking to join an active, laid back but also semi serious. I would prefer someplace that could perhaps offer some guidance. So with that here’s some pictures that hopefully help. image image image image

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Hi we are “Holy Wolves” a friendly alliance of mixed ages. We have a laid back but competitive approach to the game. Doing well in both wars and against the Titan. We are a mix of experienced and newish players that can offer lots of advice, support and guidance to help people advance within the game. We would love for you to come and join us. Look us up and give us a try … you have nothing to lose. We use Chat and there is also the option to use Line / Facebook if you prefer

Howdy @TCM1

Have a look at Guardians Ascending, our up and coming power house. Lots of experience to help you on your way.


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TCM93 is my line I.D.

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Come join Here to have fun. Laid back but serious group. We have guided many of our players most of which are now approaching a year with us. We can help you guide you. Check us out.

Hi we woul love to have you on our family , check Cosmic Cake Raiders think its the place that u r looking for and think u will fit perfectly , well organized , competitive but not in ecxtreme ways , we all have a life and whats more important is to have fun and play it as a game :slight_smile:

You could check “Rhapsody of Destruction” , come and join the fun. @Humongous_Dancer

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@TCM1 I’m sure we could find you a place within crew as @Qwikening mentioned. Great community. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi TCM1! We have a great Discord server full of useful advice and very nice folks. Stop by our welcome room for a chat and see what we’re all about :grinning:

StrongHold my Beer! 8-9* titans and 75% of wars won!

Check us out

Global Guardians is a small but strong team looking for additional members playing actively. Your setup will fit well into our group and I can see loads of opportunities for you to enhance your game play. We are serious in that we expect members to fight every Titan, big and small, and every war, win or loose.

Please consider Fluffy Bunny Fun Club. Mix of fairly serious to casual. Internationally spread. Very supportive. Most right around your level. We have one opening. We also have Discord for posting useful links and tips plus off topic stuff.

I’m a bit late to this thread, but check out the TWISTED Hurricanes guild :slight_smile: We’re not hardcore but not casual either, we’re semi-competitive.

Here’s our thread with our rules: 🍻 The TWISTED Hurricanes! [8* Titans, Team Players wanted]

We can certainly give you some direction. We use all flags but don’t worry about scores. We have been in the top 300 recently. Check us out…

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We have a spot at doppelgänger if you want to check us out.

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@Pops I like your “war is optional - 6 flags if opted in”

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We are Savage Slayerz, I’m co leader to Jay she’s cool and I’ve been with her from day one. We’re a growing alli with a good mixture of teams and people. Everyone is friendly, and we help teach and grow the teams newer to this. We enjoy wars and only ask you use 6 flags if you opt in. Titans are a must but that is the same in most allis. We are looking for some experienced players and you are very welcome to come join us if you haven’t joined someone already. Have a great weekend.

We’re always looking for more like-minded players to join Comrades United. Check us out, the door is open.

If you are interested in a very laid back but competitive alliance check out The Wolverine. We have several very new players and several 150 days+ players. Very competitive, but also very casual. No rules, no line, all communications in chat. Participate in titan hits and wars at your convenience, do not have to use all flags in either one but it is encouraged if you do. Will provide advice if requested, otherwise play any way you wish. Inactive members are kicked after a certain time.

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