Looking for an Alliance; Must Love Dogs

U got line vixx?..


20 line Ids …

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Reached out



Check us out, The 7empest, We have members from five continents, chatty and active. Adult group from ? To me almost 70.


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We have open 3 spot if you looking for alliance who hitting 12*-13* .
Edit : 2 spot left atm.

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Hiya Vixx! Sounds like you’re looking for us. :slight_smile: Not sure your level but we have a few alliances that could work out for ya. Willow’s World might be best fit. Hmu on Line if ya want to chat. Medusaeyes111 Best of luck!

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If you are still looking, take a peek at The Locker. We are an international alliance that has been together for over a year. Due to live events we are currently looking for 5 new members. We are killing 10/11* titans and wars are optional but flag use mandatory. We do use a simple to follow, timezone friendly war strategy with yellow tanks.

If interested, send a request to join or hit me up via Line at wolfwarrior66 for more info.

will check them all out, ty — limited phone atm; in boonies w/ fam

I think we are really fit for you

We really love dogs

Come and check us

@Vixx not sure what size titans/wars you’re looking for, but We Don’t Kneel has a couple spots open.

10-11* titans. We’re all busy adults so we keep the war rules simple - follow the tank strategy and use your flags.

Feel free to reach out if you want to chat more. Line: Kiann87

“Together we’ll win” is an active alliance that has quite a range of people. We are a teaching alliance, but would love an occasional mentor as well. Check us out if you are still deciding.

Check Drama Free Reboot. Come stay for a couple of titans see if we are fit for each other

@Vixx if you’ve found a home, perhaps you can tag a mod to close your thread? Else hopeful recruiter’s will keep posting.

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hey drop on by and line pc229

Ty — Catching up on thread tomorrow , holiday / family / boonies / no line access :pensive:


Hi there. You sound perfect for our Alliance. Check out Rockets Red Glare. Come hang out with us for a War or 3 and see what you think. You will never be ridiculed or made to feel dumb for asking a questions most of our members have been around over a year. Our goal is bench and player growth. We don’t use line just the game chat. As you say. It doesn’t need to be a second job.

Hi Vixx!

Looks like you have tons of great options but just adding one more :stuck_out_tongue:

We are all adults with a sense of humor and a supportive group! Feel free to come hang out a bit and see if it’s a good fit. :smiley: Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Room for 3! Loot Hunters now recruiting! 9* Titans, Coordinated Wars

Hey all,

back, I’m just flat exhausted … I’m holed up in a pile of blankets, talking to maybe two people, in a dark room with pizza and puppies trying to avoid a massive headache…

Appreciate the love, will checkout / respond asap

@Rook Can you close thread please?

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