Looking for an Alliance I can grow with

Level.30 player with team.power 3300 1400 cups. Plays daily, hits all Titans and takes part in Alliance Wars. I ask questions and want to learn more. Have outgrown the Alliance Im currently in. Looking to join an Alliance with good players who answer questions who appreciate their members.


Hi, you can check out my alliance if you want. We are fun, casual and chatty and have one spot open, see if it fits your style. We could use a strong and experienced player like you. :slight_smile:

Crimson Avengers would love to have you, good players to help you grow.

The Zero alliance family has spot for you in Zero Origins!

The Zero alliance family is a group of 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles, common Line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun. Possibility to move between alliances for those who wants.

Line: djlite247

Hi @SeriousDragoness999

The Beacons are lit!! would gladly welcome you.

We have a few experienced heads and we’d all be happy to share what we know.

We’re all learning after all – even those of us who claim to be experienced have much to learn :rofl::joy:

Even if you don’t end up joining feel free to ask me questions and I’d be happy to help as best I can :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best in your journey ahead

Our sister alliance, Frozen Thunder/FE2 has one spot…they are levels mid 20s to upper 30s, with a chance to move to main alliance - FINAL EXODUS - when ready.

Wish you luck in your search!

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We are a new alliance, a few people are joining us after war. Come grow with us. We have just won our war comfortably due to great co ordination, we know what we are doing!

Emma strikes back would love to have you.

Very casual but participate in everything.

Shameless plug for the Magnificent Bastards family here. MB Foundation is our teaching alliance, and when you’re ready, you can move on to Magnificent Bastards. We have a shared Discord server, great camaraderie, and several players who have hit #1 globally to help you grow.

Hit me up on Discord if you’re interested. Npnky#3674

I strongly recommend Guardians. They have several alliances and you can definitely grown there.


Cream of the crop would love to have you! We are a great teaching alliance.

We are taking down ten star titans and have two spots if you want to join us at doppelgänger.

We are The Titan Lord’s Wrath, we have one spot available, we have some members about the same level as you, we have some stronger members even a few weaker ones, We ask for daily titan participation, we hit (and kill, most of the times) 7 and 8*, we also had some 9* lately but they flew away, the cowards :wink: We also do wars, fielding 25 out of 29 teams. Current alliance score 92K, war score 254k. Come and see, might be the right place for you to call home.

@SeriousDragoness999 We Don’t Kneel has 1 spot open. We’re a US based alliance but have several members from around the world. English and reading chat are required.

War - opt in or out but use your flags if you’re in. We have 27-28 that play in wars. It’s something we encourage as it’s an alliance event.

Taking down 9* titans and working on 10*s. We have a range of members from beginners to those that have been around since before our alliance was founded 1.5 years ago. Both F2P and P2P welcome!

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll lower the trophy count if needed.

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Please check out Feral Misfits. We started as a training alliance and have many experienced players willing to help you grow. We highly value participation and teamwork.

Im interested. I presently have 1523 cups. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks for the info!

Glad to hear that! I just changed the cups to 0 and to Invite Only. Send a request to join and I’ll accept :grin:

Jabberwock is the place for you. All of our players are very active. Great chat and mature players. Please check us out.

i want to thank everyone who replied to my call…I have joined a new Alliance!


Im sure you have been approached plenty,SD…The Robins Nest I created in Aug 2017 to encourage levelling, participation, etc at YOUR speed…not ours…we have many over 400 and 300 days in the Nest, and we also have a weekly Warsheet to help strategize before each war, emailed to those wanting it…We also have a FB group, where we can post pics and info too large for the chatroom…We are laidback, supportive, chatty, and I treat equally the lowest to the highest ranks…We are The Robins, and we are ■■■■ proud of our group, and extend a hearty invitation to you…thanks you for reading, Acke…Leader of the Nest…