Looking for an alliance (7-9)

Well, inspired by an unnamed player (as in, can’t remember the name and not motivated enough to search) this is my new alliance seeking post (reverse auctioning? not really).

What I’m looking for? A 7* to 8* or 9* alliance

Why those levels? I’ve killed 6* so, moving up

Why are you leaving you current alliance? we are doing 4*. Nothing wrong with that, except that, for example, in the last 3 titans, I did 175k+ dmg and 2 of those titans didn’t go down. Or, if you prefer, we are down to 10/11 active members. Interestingly the alliance has won all AW but one (and that one was very close).

So, how many 5*? I could say I have 30 fully leveled 5*, including Guinivere, King Arthur and some other things (like Panther). But that would be a rather stupid lie. So, in truth, my current number of fully level 5* is a rahter round number: 0 as in zero (not the player :smirk:)

So, Cups? Platinum, usually at 2.175 range.

So whats is your setup? 3.5kish - Good dark, blue and green, weak red (only one 4*) and yellow setups. Main debuffer Grimm (have two lvl 70s, go figure), main DMG, Lianna and Obakan. Healer: Rigard and Melendor. Main roulette: the one and only Wu Kong.

So you are lucky? aah, I the current unofficial record holder of worse TC20s ever, with a 27 3* straight run (odds as they are perceived: 0,3%.). So… no.

That is not very impressive… Well, if you want Zero, you’d better be 7DD… nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you active? Have been. If not in the future, you can always kick me out.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. As in can understand it, not necessarilly speak it fluently. Unfortunately, my German, Russian, any slavic (no offense, but is Finish a language or a throat affliction?) are beyond my reach. And don’t get me started on Hungarian. Or Basque.

Why the long post? Bored. Or just trying to be intereresting :relaxed: . Hard to tell the difference :wink:


You made me laugh (in a good way)! Good luck in your search! Try looking through the other Alliance Recruitment posts for takers. :wink:

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Lol, that was a good ad :). The Black Pearl has one spot open now, we fight 8* and 9* titans ( currently a green 8*). We are international, with people from Europe, U.S., Australia, Brazil and Thailand, so odds are there is always someone awake in there. We comunicate in english. Humour most welcome. Come and give us a try.


OMG! For the love of all that is Holy don’t join my alliance. We are horrible people and already hate you. If you join we will ONLY HATE YOU MORE. We are laughing at you. Show us how much we stink and do not join our alliance. Love and kisses. CastleBlack

; )

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If you’re still looking, Mystical World has one spot open. We’re international, with active members in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Currently battling 7* and 8*, with one 9* that escaped. English speaking for the most part, but also fluent in snark and sarcasm, so I think you’ll fit right in.

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Crypt Raiders might be a good fit for you. We kill 8* and 9*. I think you can pass by 7* if you already have 3500 ish team team power.

We can make space for you if you decide to join.
My line ID is: mananabas1003 if you want to connect there.

War record is 12-1.

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Check out “Because I Got High!!!”

We don’t have a minimum trophies required and all we ask is for politeness, hitting titan and wars.

We’re killing 7* titans (and moving up) and winning all the wars we’ve fought.

We speak English and have members from all around the world (New Zeland, Australia, US, Canada, Portugal, …)

Check us out!

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Trem Tran - we are killing 7* all the time, 8* most of the time and sniffing 9* now. We are active, fun, and chatty if you want. We have a crazy long term core and are a place where most come and stay.

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Hola!!! La Familia Suicida tiene una plaza libre por si te interesa. Estamos matando titanes de 7*, 8* y 9*. Queremos jugadores como tan locos como tú ya que, nosotros, tampoco somos muy " normales" ; ). No necesitas invitación.

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Thanks (and gracias) everyone for their invitations. All seem to be great Alliances, although unfortunately I can only choose one. I wish you all the best of luck and great Titan slaughters!

Best regards,


Pyros, ACME Explosives could be right up your alley. Check us out.

Lucy’s Kitchen has one rare spot open for a daily Titan/Wars hitter! Preferred TP 2k+. Serving up 7,8*s. Join us and see what’s cooking in the Kitchen!

The alliance recruiting is difficult to search with The rolling chat. I suggest setting it up in list form. Then group it so that (example) invite or open alliance. Trophy requirements etc. Thanks for reading

I like the grouping idea, although alliances can change from Invite to open at the drop of a hat.

Alliance recruitment in the Forum IS in List format. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for quite awhile and didn’t know that the forum had it in list form. Suggestion. Send a message informing players of it.
Due to changing requirements in alliances. design it so that the leader would have the ability to edit or delete as necessary. When posting most alliances put that in their description. In order to keep it from becoming cluttered each listing would automatically delete after say 24 hours. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day

Hi Pyrus! I’m not sure if I get you right: have you already picked one or are you still evaluating?
In the latter case, please check out ‘The autumn wind’:
The Autumn Wind

Good mix of experienced people who have been in a top 100 alliance before and hungry newer players.
We have a great time together fighting 8* and 9* titans. Never lost against a 8* and will soon be enough people to take 9* titans down.

You mean, you wish the Alliance posts not to move when a new one comes in? I disagree; I think the most recent should rise to the top. Perhaps that is what you meant by Rolling form. I apologize I misunderstood.

To my knowledge, the poster is able to correct/edit his/her own posts. If the alliance leader wishes to have control over content, he/she should be the one making the posts. :slight_smile:

This is a rebutal. I’m not a fast reader. I can’t even read them most of the time they’re moving so fast. As the alliance leader I have to waste time posting every couple minutes because the post is to far up. The newest post is able to ;be at the forefront of a list type. The members of my alliance dislike it so badly that they won’t even post for me. Actually you can’t edit a post. It has to be redone. I feel this idea should be taken to the forum. I believe you will find most people dislike the alliance recruitment chat. I apreciate your opinion but i do disagree with you. Thanks. have a blessed day

You are referring then to the AR chat within the game.

Yes, it moves quickly! I usually scroll up while I’m reading to keep on the same post.

Short of reducing the number of posters, I’m not sure how you would change this; it’s a chat, not a list.

There are several lists that exist:

  • SG’s Forum, Alliance Recruitment section
  • Alliance Recruitment Chat on Line app, outside of the game.

Ts ts ts… shame on you Rook… derailling my beautiful thread, my shot at earthly glory, maybe even a Pulitzer prize!! :rage:

Woot, what do you mean less than a snowball’s chance in hell? They don’t give awards for posts, specially inane and badly written ones? :scream_cat::scream_cat:

ok ok ok … then please carry on … :zipper_mouth_face:

Or, as I’ve found myself a new alliance, you may just close the thread - and, once again, thanks everyone for their alliance invitations.:grin: