Looking for an active competitive alliance

Hello everyone!

My alliance just fell apart and I am looking for a new home before the Monster Island event starts… So here is a little about me.

I’m a daily active player and I’m looking for an active & chatty alliance that is competitive focused. Since I live in Europe, I am looking for an alliance that is International or is based in a European time zone.

About me:
• Level 73
• 150k+ average on 14* titans
• 5100 TP (approximately)
• 2600+ cups
• Set 1: Level 23 mana troops
• Set 2: Level 17 magic/styx troops
• 45+ maxed 5* heroes

My requirements:

• Top 500 alliance (min. alliance score: 335000+)
• Chaining 14* titans
• Top 1k in MT & AQ
• AW: optional but if opt in all flags used (zero tolerance policy for unused flags) & simple unified war strategy (FFA preferred)
• Discord/Line for communication

Leave a message/comment if interested and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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I’m so sorry @Wolfen your alliance disbanded :cry:. TBD Part Deux is a great international alliance - oops you’re looking for *14 titans…


… Can you help? GL in your search.

Hi @Wolfen , you fit all the requirements for Seven Days Uprising (part of the Seven Days family, currently in lower top 100), and seems like we totally fit you, only exception is we do phases war.
If interested I can connect you with our leader Kronos.

Good luck with your research!

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In addition this is the 7DU recruiting poster:

Happy gaming

hi @Wolfen
you are welcome to join us

Alliance name: The MVP

you can contact me in line if you have any questions (ID: star150m)

we are similar to what you describe with the exception of chat. our chat is normally on the low level.

let me know and we will have a spot for you

Ravens of the North or Shadows of the North would be a good fit for you in the North alliance family.
Ravens of the North are currently having 3 spots open, if you like to join with a friend.
Please reach out for contacts and info if you are interested
Line: Julia-north (Leader of King of the North)

Thanks @Julia. I sent you a message on Line.

@Rodek seems life a perfect fit for Sherwood Rogues.

We are top 200-500 when full. We’re international and chatty. Chaining 14*, most die in 12 hours. Simple war strategy, waves war. If you have 6 strong war teams, no need to double tap your hits here. Swing away with your flags, we have cleaners to sweep up your mess.
If interested, drop by.

Have a spot after this war, but will be recuiting too soo not sure how long till its filled

I found a home. Thanks everyone.

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