Looking for an active chatty alliance

My current alliance has too many inactive or weak members. I am normally around the 3400 cups mark, at the moment at my highest of 3560. Best team is around 3850 and am working on building up my other teams. Always battle titans and use all 6 attacks in wars. Anyone interested? May take a while to reply as 24:00 here in the UK. :blush:


What is your current alliance



Hi @Gbenyon! We certainly would be happy to have you join us! I’m currently recruiting due to a few of our members going inactive as well. We are a friendly group! Come take a look at us. I’m sure with your stats lots of alliances will try to snatched you up. I’m not sure what you are looking for in a new alliance but give us a look and take us under consideration. You would be the strongest member if you join us. I’m sure you’ll have your pick of stronger alliances but you can’t blame a gal for trying!!! lol I’m working very hard to keep us active and growing.

Knights of the Order would be happy to have you join and see if you’re a good fit. Just got an opening due to non-participation. We are chatty, helpful and supportive, and expect everyone to do their share. Members range from level 30 to 57. Come and grow with us!

If you would like, after perusing the offers here, if you still don’t think you’ve found home, you could come to Line and check out the recruitment groups there.

Add me (ID: chibipotato16) and ask for EliteRecruiting and others. :slight_smile:

Hi come and see our alliance all is very active and we have spirit to do our best.

We are a helpful bunch with 100% participation wishing to grow and looking for players eager to improve while also having fun in a friendly environment. We have formed three months ago and already reach 9* Titan

Check us out if you feel trapped within an inactive alliance. We would be delighted to see you fight with us. best current we face 9*

Gbenyon, come check out [PW] Catalina Wine Mixer.

We’re very chatty, fun, and pretty raunchy, but never vulgar.

Add me on Line @ iamericap

Btw, Rook is a fixture in the recruitment rooms. You should definitely ask her which alliances she could vouch for, once you think you know which one to join.

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Get in on the ground floor. New alliance forming from one that has grown a bit too casual. Will have several transfers over the next few days. We welcome players such as yourself.

Creative Juices Flowing

UltraDragons would love to have you. We have teammates from all over the globe. Which is nice because we have coverage almost 24hrs a day.

Shalazandra is the chattiest E&Per I know. Loves to improve your team and is always full of ideas. I’m pretty chatty too

Hapa and gang would be pleased to have you :slight_smile:

We are all pretty active but we understand if life gets in the way. We value overall contribution and consistency.

Boats and hoses

Hi FreziedEye. Looks like we might be a good fit. IS the opening still available?

Hi, if you’re still looking, Silver Sapiens is looking for some active mature people to join our ranks. Search on Sapiens, come check us out!


It’s still available :slight_smile:

Please look up boats and hoses.

Look forward to you joining!! :smiley:


Hi Frenzied eye

I am just going to help my current alliance with a war that starts in a couple of hours. I am by far their strongest player and it would not feel right to just drop them just before it. So if it is ok I will leave tomorrow and join you then.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi are you still looking for recruits? I’m not sure if I’m too weak

Whats your strongest TP?

Unfortunately my top player is only a 4 star and it’s Little John 379 points & 4 star Grimm 363 points

I have 554 trophies and I’m at level 19

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Tell them Pat B! sent you.

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