Looking for an ACTIVE Alliance

I have been playing the game for less than 5 months but have been growing rapidly over that time. Shortly after I started the game I was given the option to join an alliance and did so. I have been with them since. I have noticed they are not kicking inactives and are OK with just 8 or 9 people attacking titans. We just lost a war by 32 points and Many of our participants still had a lot of energies left.

I have a DTP of 3442 and fluctuate between 1750 and 1950 cups.
I use all Energies for every phase of the game. Wars Titans Events Raids. And I do my Wanted missions daily.
I usually get about A or A+ on the 3* we Kill and As on the 4* that escape. (I understand this may not translate to the 5* or 6* Titans but Have not really had an opportunity to try.)
I have 6 5* heroes but only 3 are leveled. And about 27ish 4* Heroes. Most are level 1.
My Typical AW score is 300 - 450.
I am open to using Line or Discord.

I am looking for an Alliance that is Active and uses all their Energies.
I am looking for an Alliance that is established but also willing to teach as I am open to learning new strategies (I am still new after all).
It would be nice if your Guild Chat wasn’t dead as well.

If There is any other questions you might have for me let me know.

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Drum roll… I am sure many recruiters are waiting to recruit an active player like you. :slight_smile:

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Hi, our alliance is active ,leader and elder is very supporting and we are an active member, curent titan 8*, 9* , if u interested come and look at : The Headless Horsemen.

Not sure I have brawn to take on 8* or 9*. I assume you have to have a multitude of heroes for any given encounter. I really only have about 11ish that are leveled beyond 2nd Ascension.


Most important is that you’re active and made progress. So give it a try, our alliance is quite fun and helpful toward the member. Look at our motto if it suit for u comes and join us.

The Headless Horsemen :
Motto : we share experience to progress together, value individual over stas involvement over strength communication over skills

***And I just start at 1 september and they support me when my damage just a scratch

If u are still lookinh Puffin Pervs will take you. We have 2 available spots

Hello Rigor.My name is Eniel.
We recently started our own alliance after leaving our previous one because members of our former group weren’t much active.
I would truly appreciate it if you checked us out. We are called Nerd Managers and would really like to have you on our team. Thank you

North Of the Wall alliance taking on 5* to 6* titans. Team power range from 1500 to 3600. Lots of different pplz n fun. Everybody does their part n if they cant cause of absence they let us know. We r 17 members n growing slowly. We would live to have you. Look us up.


RePresSioN is currently hitting 6*/7* Titans. We are very active and do require War/Titan participation. We use LINE (App) for offline discussion. Please come check us out.

Come and join celestial highborn!we are active and growing fast!

Hey, if you still looking. Try us out, Titan Assassins Rerising. We fight 6* titans currently and need couple heavy hitters to break 7*. That is sister alliance to our main alliance Titan Assassins, which aim to top100.

Hi! We are a super active alliance, we have one spot open because one of our members was starting to be really really inactive. We kill 7* titans easily and kill maybe 50% of our 8 star.
We do really well in wars, chat a lot and coordinate attacks.
We have members from everywhere in the world but everyone speaks English.
We are not, though, an ultra competitive alliance, in the sense that real life happens, and as long as you give us a heads up, it’s ok to miss a war and Titan from time to time. It’s about having fun.

See picture, send a request and we’ll accept

Its not bad to let go of some titans this aint mean that the alliance is bad but means that the titan is way bigger than the allainces mate … letting it go is a good chance to let all m3mber fight the correct level of titans till they grow enough to be able to finish the next higher step titans.
Being active alliance also dosen’t mean that they have to win all the wars. Its all about experince and picking the correct heroes for deffense squad and attacking squads.
This is some thing you will learn with time. And this is the thing that keeps this game alive.
Have a nice day.

We are Knights of the Order…we have members from 27 to 57, hitting 8-9*…have had a couple 10s but let them go until stronger. We do and have kicked for non-participation, but realize that real-life situations come up. War matching soon…try us and if we’re not a good fit we will understand. We use the Line app but not required, just strongly encouraged.

Hey Rigor, if you haven’t already been snapped up contact me on Line @AndyBSG

TCW have had 100% flag use in our last 3 wars so definitely fit your requirements on that front and happy to discuss further

HI @Rigor!
If you have not chosen an alliance yet come check out The Defaint Ones. We are hitting 5 & 6* titans and looking for a few members like yourself. I’m a housecleaner for our alliance and working hard to keep us ACTIVE. We are a friendly no drama group getting stronger everyday. Our leader Jack is awesome and very knowledgeable. We use the Line App, its not required. Please take us into consideration. Stop by and visit us!

Not sure if you’ve been snapped up yet. If your still looking. Come try the Squirrels. Helpful and Friendly.


And a picture of my overly excited puppy. Just to add a little sway. Unless your a cat person… Then it won’t work.

Gotta try tho eh!

We have space in Guardians Reborn if you’re a daily titan slayer and Guardians Ascending for a slower pace.

Lots of friendly chat and advice with forum regulars

When you pick one @Rigor could you let me know and I can close the thread :wink:

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