Looking for an active alliance - Level 49 - 9 teams

The Shops family has openings in all 3 Shops. No matter what level you’re at, we have a place for everyone.
Our rules are pretty simple…
~ No trophy requirements.
~ Titan & War participation… Got flags??? Use em b!+*h!
~ Do the basics with sarcasm & find fun again with the game.
~ Line required.
~ English speaking.
~ Adults only.

3 Shops… 1 crazy, sarcastic, fun family.
If you are interested in joining the fun, message me in Line at jadebutterfly75.

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  • Communication Line app > phone/pc download link here
  • Age 18+ only

contact : :call_me_hand: @Boolz_San (line id: boolz_san) @JAWS_3D (line id: jaws_3d) @Purpeyes (line id: purpeyes)


Ascendency 4, taking on 13* Titans right now, would love to have you!

@Lord-Stark-UK tag me when you’ve found a home & I can close this thread. Else you’ll get offers forever :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lots of good alliances look for active players.

Our alliance “Titan smash” is not an exception. We need 8 people. We hunt 7-8* titans but don’t put too much pressure. Real life first.

BERSERKER LURKERS looking for some fun, daily players!
Interesting facts: war coordination (easy to follow), purple tank in war, titans 8☆-10☆ (10☆ tend to escape). Line required. Appart from that, very nice people, but I guess that this is a given in all the other offers too. :wink:

May as well mention the alliance I’m in. :laughing:

Fusion Fighters led by Erazer. I’ve a recruitment thread here if you want to see whether you’ll be a good fit.

Currently in top 3000 and taking down 10* titans. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Padawans is looking for new members. We’re international and friendly. We’re hitting 10* and 11* titans. We’re on Discord but membership there is not compulsory


if flag usage that produces results is your priority, you won’t find a better fit than Guardians Heroes! Friendly, dedicated group, we thrive on teamwork and lever let a rare escape. Currently at 8-10* titans. Come check us out or get in touch on Line at tangy451.

Best of luck!

Hello Lord-Stark-UK. Based on your post, 'Ghosts sounds like a good fit for you.

We color coordinate war tank color. War flag use is ffa, use on your schedule. War opponents typically range from 3500 to 4500 team power.

We are staying at 9* titans for chance at 3 ascension drops.

We ask team members to communicate absences.

Hola Lord Stark quisiera saber si ya has encontrado alianza
Estoy en busca de jugadores activos y nos serías de gran ayuda ya que hemos hechado a los menos activos de la alianza

Si te interesa búscanos como death eagles

We are proud to present our old family, with new names connecting us more and easier to find in alliance search. Feel free to check out our recruitment ad on Forum and give us all a like or a comment.

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Lots of great alliances here. I’ll add yet another…

If you find a UK based alliance, please shout up.
I am still looking for a good fit with people in the same time zone

@JGE hit me up on Line, jaws_3d, plenty of Brits with us. @Guvnor can we close this thread?

Check out Palace X Knights. We have players in the UK and US. We’re new and growing and having fun in game and in Line.

Thank you. I found a UK alliance this afternoon. So have transferred there.
Finding the right alliance has been difficult over the last couple of months


Donut Force Specialists is looking for new recruits!! Come check us out!

That’s great! I’m glad you found one, it’s never good being homeless :wink:

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Come join The Marley Army…most players over 400 days +! We are very Active in War and Titans…currently fighting 9,10* and Rare. Chat supportive but clean, encouraging, game based and fun! We definitely are what you are seeking! Play all day and have fun! Lol Also Global!

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