Looking for American alliance

What’s f2p? xD me too look for alliance, i’ve 3.2 power in the first team and 2 second teams of 2,8.
i’m very active with Titans, but I don’t like AW -.-

And… I’d really rather not have to be stuck in chat

Fight to play, it means a person not spending to get heroes or ascending materials, welcome to visit us :). Not chatting is no problem, provided you keep one eye on it for some important info, like saving flags for next titans or some direct quesrion, game related

Oh Thanks!.. so… I’m a f2p!!.
Me problem is not chatting, me problem is the language, me english is very bad. However I looking a american alliance because are better xD
The war is not clear to me. I’ve to participate?
I’m sorry for the mistakes.

@Kendra I’ve made you your own alliance search thread.

Please post what you are looking for:

  • Type of Alliance (American)
  • Your team power
  • other details

You can also ask questions for others to answer. Good luck!

Thsnk you Rook… Thank You

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We are not solely US, but we have a good few US members.
English speaking- but we really don’t care if you chat or not, or how good your English is. You are welcome as long as you contribute
We would prefer if you made your hits in the war though. But that doesn’t take too long twice a week

I think our alliance The Lone Strangers would be a great fit for you. We’re American but chat is optional. Our only requirement is daily titan hits. War participation optional. Check us out!

F2p means FREE to play not Fight to play, just clarifying for you. Good luck in your alliance search!

Cast Black Rangers is looking. Casual but very active players. Not a lot of chat. Active leadership and no dead weights. But we respect real world stuff and the need to focus on other things from time to time. Fell free to check up out.

Oh, I forgot. we are currently +1800 cups. But feel free to cup drop when you are in

Hey Kendra,

If you are still looking for an American Alliance come join Aphrodite Netxil. We are a newly formed AW FREE Alliance, we do not participate in AW.
Come and check us out, we are friendly, and have other players that English is not their first language either :slight_smile: