Looking for Alliance!

Hi, I’m looking for a new alliance to join. Most of my current alliance members are inactive.

Sana me mga pinoy alliance! :slight_smile:

What is your team power so it is possible to know what kind of alliance or titan are ideal for you?

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Hello, D3nmar

Are you still looking for an alliance to join? What level are you? We are taking down 9 and 10* Titans and we are active in the AW. If you think you would be a good fit we would love to have you :blush:. We have 1 spot available that just came open due to a member having an illness. Our alliance name is Collateral Damage and we are “open” for the moment. Try us out for a couple of days and see if we are a good fit for you.

Thank you,

Try out Squirrel Brigade. Taking on 8/9* titans. Very helpful and friendly alliance.

Hi Difsgirl

Sure I will join your alliance, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, are you still deciding to join a alliance yet?
You can have a look at our alliance as well. :slight_smile:

Awesome! See you soon!


We have a new alliance.
We chat and play well.
Open to anyone looking to attack titans and participate in wars.

If you, or anyone else is interested just look for Blood letters

-thank you

Bro pinoy here!

Look for our Alliance Pinoy Invaders

Sabihin mo lang name ko Ezelogs

See you!!!

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Hi. I’ve been looking for pinoy alliance. How can I join yours?

Look for Pinoy Invaders @donQuixote13

Check out our Alliance, Heroes Never Die!

Have fun, be silly, all while winning wars and kicking Titan butt! Give us a try!

Ah… This post was started in Sept 2018…perhaps @D3nMar has found an alliance by now?

I believe this post should be closed @zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook

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@D3nMar: Due to the age of the thread, this will be closed. However, if you are still looking, please feel free to open a fresh thread and continue. You can let a mod know of your status by typing @Rook or @Garanwyn etc to include them in your new thread, if any. Best of luck to you!

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