Looking for Alliance!



Hi, I’m looking for a new alliance to join. Most of my current alliance members are inactive.

Sana me mga pinoy alliance! :slight_smile:


What is your team power so it is possible to know what kind of alliance or titan are ideal for you?


Hello, D3nmar

Are you still looking for an alliance to join? What level are you? We are taking down 9 and 10* Titans and we are active in the AW. If you think you would be a good fit we would love to have you :blush:. We have 1 spot available that just came open due to a member having an illness. Our alliance name is Collateral Damage and we are “open” for the moment. Try us out for a couple of days and see if we are a good fit for you.

Thank you,


Try out Squirrel Brigade. Taking on 8/9* titans. Very helpful and friendly alliance.


Hi Difsgirl

Sure I will join your alliance, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, are you still deciding to join a alliance yet?
You can have a look at our alliance as well. :slight_smile:


Awesome! See you soon!



We have a new alliance.
We chat and play well.
Open to anyone looking to attack titans and participate in wars.

If you, or anyone else is interested just look for Blood letters

-thank you



Bro pinoy here!

Look for our Alliance Pinoy Invaders

Sabihin mo lang name ko Ezelogs

See you!!!


Hi. I’ve been looking for pinoy alliance. How can I join yours?