Looking for alliance!.!.!

Please check us out, we use Line and have rules in place. Titan activity is heavily monitored.


Global titan slayers would be great home!! Expectations for hits in wars and titans…check us out

ooo yesssir. How do I do that Bill1. Am I clicking on your name?
I don’t visit here often. It’s just that I am desperately seeking a partner. So pardon, If I seem novice.

Okay I’m back Bill1. had to go potty LOL! But I’m the girl who recently posted this recruitment pic.


I could sure use some help rebuilding what little was left of my alliance. Most of the guys left with him. I was the only female on the team of 9.

Hi @Bill1, we’re fighting 5*-6* titans daily. We are chain killing 6* and hitting 7* titans pretty well when they appear and getting closer to 8* but really need more players.

Are you interested? It’s an open alliance so try us out.

  • 1000 cups minimum
  • Full Participation in Titan Wars
  • If opting in (participating in) Alliance Wars, use all flags
  • Mutual respect for all players and Teamwork oriented
  • Communication is KEY and is done through E&P game chat (Line is also used, but not required)

Teammates (our players) come from alliances that were stagnant, not progressing and were both bored and frustrated, so if you’ve had the same experience, or just looking around for better opportunities, then try us out.

search on the E&P gaming app for STRONGHOLD WINTERFELL and join!

Hi @Bill1 my alliance has room for your group, however I use Discord for out of game chat. You are more than welcome to check us out here.

bill… we currently have 3 spots… two permanent, one while someone is in our vacation alliance. Fighting 10*, use line. Other criteria fit. Check us out… Global Titan Slayers

Hey, @Bill1, could you please tell us a bit about you? I mean, we have no idea if you and your friends would fit into our alliance… You might be too weak to fit in or you might be too strong, as well… either case it would save everybody a lot of time if you mentioned a few things about you and your friends and about what kind of alliance are you looking to join. You know what I mean? Like preferred titan level, team powers, bench strength… “must be line users” isn’t the most effective criteria for choosing an alliance… but, hey! it’s your party, don’t mind my advice, do it your way!

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Twilights Bastion has room for 3. I’m goofey4 on Line (same on Discord, though our alliance uses Line). 9* titans. Check us out

We have room for you…

Already PM u on Line

Sent PM on Line. Crew-Knights are 29/30 but can make room for 3. Rank around 140 when full. Require all flags used, 4200tp, 15 maxed 5* heroes, 2% minimum on titan averaged over a week.

we will have room for three when our Titan is down…we are active in war and Titans…recently losing people to real life

We use line for communication. We used all war flags in the past few months.
Require at least 4 flags and 45k damage per titan.
Require 2200 trophies to join and 120 point for war.
We currently hitting 11 to 12 stars titan.
Come join us to get better loots and grow with us. We also have sister alliance that have much higher requirements when you feel that you are ready.

@Bill1 come check us out at aceswild… Some are new but very active … Small alliance wanting to grow… Come join us and inquire what ever youd like to know… Let them know i sent yawe use line as well look me up @ johnbunn on line

@Bill1 come check out Ravens of Winterfell. I think we will be the right fit for each other.

Ravens of Winterfell is the casual competitive but structured sister alliance of the Wolves of Winterfell/King of the North family alliances - there are 8 alliances on total.

We currently hit 9*-10* titans and we run strategies for war. We use LINE to communicate and our members are from all over the world.

We also have other sister alliances that suit different playing styles or if you prefer a different speed/gear - happy to chat more.

We will look after you all and give you all the support to grow to be the best players you wanna be, but make sure you have fun at the same time.

Come chat to us, we would love to hear from you. LINE ID: ronandex501 to know more. Mention Kira recommended you.

Anyone looking for a fun new alliance to join

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