Looking for alliance top 10

Looking for top 10 alliance.
52 5* maxed and troops lvl 29.

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If you would like to expand your search slightly we just had a long time member retire from Helios. We aren’t consistently top 10, although we do get up there, but we typically hover in the top 50-75 range, sometimes higher depend on war win streak or what color Titan we get. We have a very simple war strategy and string 14* titans.

Feel free to reach out on Line if you would like to discuss more, but completely understand if you don’t. My ID is ck12912.

Best of luck in your search, I’m sure many top alliances would be happy to have you.

Grizzly Nation is looking for 1 member @EnigmaticAxioms
Firmly in the top 100, stringing 14* titans, had some great matchups with other strong alliances, awesome group of people here. Here’s our recruiting post

We’re not top 10, but know people who are and might be able to help you out. GL
@Math4lyfe @littleKAF


team China 你的选择不会错 满名额最高排名第五

Hey @Keetsoone, welcome to check out the 7Days Family. Have 6 alliances that are frequently in the Top 10… often all together lol…

Forum Thread: Join the Seven Days Family

Have alliances that are predominately Discord based OR Line based :slight_smile:

@Keetsoone. A top 10 alliance is hard. And I say that because what does it mean? Many alliances have similar titan scores. Same with trophy scores which can vary frequently. War score differentiates most these days and even that is common amongst many. That’s why you see people talk about a top 100 alliance.

@Guvnor linked 7d. That’s a good place.

@AmphibiousChris noted Helios. That’s a good place.

@JAWS_3D noted Grizzly Nation. That’s a good place.

@huang noted Team China. I’m less familiar with them but I’m sure they’re a good place but more regional.

These are good places to start. Is there anything specific you want so you can differentiate between the various alliances?


That is true. Phoenix Empire fluctuates between 84th and 8th the span of about a week/week and a half, without much different actually happening.

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Given that @Keetsoone mentions level 29 troops and 5*, I guess the focus is on wars. And there I’d argue that anything below a max war score of 139kish is almost surely not top 10 (this is not a judgement on player quality, mostly a statement on game mechanics).

@Keetsoone: I would contact alliances directly. Someone usually has an opening if you are willing to wait for a few days.


@Keetsoone you have my line id I do believe.

Thanks for the tag @Sarah2!! Missed you :hugs:

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Hey mates thnks for the offers, l Will stay un simbiose at least for the Next wars


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