Looking for alliance ONLY for MT, AQ, and upcoming Monster Island

Hi All,

Level 97, pretty much playing from the get go, 5k+ TP, have plenty of top 100 experience who is now F2P (from C2P) and in a retirement alliance.

With that said, I do take a lot of pride in events and in a retirement alliance, well, you can imagine what that looks like, haha.

I’m looking to forge a relationship with an alliance family (or alliance) where I can ‘come up’ for these events and then head back to my peeps in the retirement alliance.

If interested, let me know!


I know there are alliances who have an influx of players during these events…

@Gimliv over at the 7D family, might have a suggestion
@Beezzer / @ChelleATC does a lot of work on top 100 wars, might be able to put you in contact with an alliance


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Thanks for the replies - @PatB I’m not looking for a permanent alliance, just one I can join for alliance events as I love my peeps in the retirement alliance, we just don’t have enough people to be even moderately competitive in these events.

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Join Astonishing Squirrels. We are 19 players from all around the world. We are all active and we do our best for Alliance.

we will have a spot open after this war,

Each MT / AQ there is a coordination on Line to to match players and alliances with open spots that are going for Top 100. I’m not involved with that, but can connect you if you want. Line beezzerpw

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Hey @sleeperZ96BT,

Are you aiming for Top 100 or Top 10 on MT and AQ?

We have spots open for guests for events - And we are quite competitive in both events.

I’m sure we will be on MI aswell.

Let me know - And maybe we can make contact on Line or Discord :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone - I am gunning for top 100 or higher.

I do use Line occasionally. Do PM’s exist here as I don’t really want to publish it for the world to see lol.

It doesn’t look like there’s an alliance event in November - am I reading the calendar right?

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I would like to make contact on Line.

I don’t mind sharing my info.

Line-ID: heidiep

If you are interested you’re welcome to add me :blush:

I sent you a line message @EPHeidi

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