Looking for Alliance Merger

If you have spent any time recruiting for your alliance, it’s clear the player base is changing. It’s much harder to fill spots in an alliance than it was a few months ago. This challenge is compounded when trying to form a new alliance. Black Lotus was formed by experienced players from top 10 alliances to find a balance in competitive game play and build a fun, social community. We’ve founded our alliance with 10-12 players and are looking for a comparably sized alliance that is open to discussing an alliance merger.

Who are we and what is important to us ?

  • Our Players are 4200 to 3400, and we are looking to merge with an alliance with a similar composition.
  • From players: we care about effort, not how much you hit the titan for, or how many points you score in AW. If you’re trying, and are active, the results will come.
  • We strive to support and educate members in all aspects of the game.
  • We focus on our community first and insist on being respectful to each other. While we are individually competitive, we will not force those goals on any member.

If you feel like this is a mutually beneficial opportunity for your alliance, please reach out to Line Id: gbradley87 and/or leaffffff (6 f’s) to discuss further.


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This merger will be beneficial for both alliances…join us, and let’s rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!!

Mox, our alliance is interested. I do not have Line.

Our alliance is now full, however we do appreciate your interest. Best of luck to you.

Good for yall. Enjoy.

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