Looking for alliance 1400-1600 trophies

Looking for an alliance. Have around 1400-1600 trophies. Team power is roughly 3000 depending on team.

Come join us, Great Lakes Goon Squad, we are a bunch of foul mouthed guys, our top members are in the 1300-1500 trophy range, we would love to have you and you’d be a top contributor.

You can have a look at our Titan Smash alliance. We deal with 8* titans and participate in regular Alliance Wars. Welcome!

Hi there, you would fit nicely with us in Magical Exiles. Friendly active bunch.
We have grown to 21 and the only requirement is that you are active (titan and wars).

East of the equator is where you want to be , check us out on discord. We have a library in house on game tips that will help you grow

If you have any question will be glad to answer them

RePresSioN has an opening. We use LINE (it is a chat app) and are hitting 7/8* Titans right now. We do require you hit the titan and participate in War. We are a pretty chatty group. Come check us out.

Take a look at TCW.

Very active alliance of daily players, 100% flag usage in wars, players who really take time to help and advise each other.


Tuck The Fitans would love to have you. We are working on a 7* rare titan. You’d fit right it at your level.

You still open? Any requirements? Chatty?

Empire Elites is now recruiting members 18 years and older, we have 5 spots available. We are able to easily kill 6 star Titans and occasionally bet 7 star ones. We will be able to kill 7 star easily very soon. We do very well in wars. Please apply quickly.

hi @bgeckle

You can join one of our sister alliances if you want. AKA Traggeter.

@bgeckle hi Brett are you still looking for an alliance.

If you are you can send me msg in line dragongirlkzn or Tag me here

APEX Dynasty [RSA]

dont have line. Yes I am, but wondering about war chest moves or what not, I’m one of the higher members in my current alliance but it’s casual and set to help people advance so I’m ready for more serious one

Hey!! We are looking for our 30th member. Our alliance has a solid core that is very committed, and we have very low turnover. We have grown from hitting 2 star titans up to 8 stars now! Our alliance score is 93,000 right now. Would love to have you shore us up on that 30th spot!!!

Alliance is “Have Fun: Kill Titans”,
leader sammieseal


Hi Brett how far is ur war chest? And what is ur range for your teams. Would you be prepared to download line as we use it for war strategy. Depending on your level you would either go to our training allliance 1 South Africa or APEX Dynasty [RSA] you can look us up. We do move players between the alliancew.

@bgeckle If you are still looking, we have spots in our alliances.
Down the rabbit hole… I think you aren’t strong enough yet, we ask 3500+ tp, fight 10* and 11* titans there.
The Cheshire Cat is our training alliance, still small, so would be similar as your current situation, but you could step up to the main alliance once you are strong enough.
If you want to wait until your current warchest is full, that would be fine ofcourse. The points get lost and loot for not full participation isn’t very good in my experience.

Hiya @bgeckle ! If you haven’t found a new home, I hope you would consider NW :slight_smile: we would be very happy to have you!

Looks like some of y’all are still full. Or got full.

Still looking, not sure I am hang with some of you guys as I am c2p and only buy vip

RePresSioN has an opening. You would be a mid level player for us. We are hitting a 7* rare right now.

You will see we are invite only but go ahead and join, we will let you in.

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